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2016 display technology still a breakthrough leap

Rise of surfaces display
Surface display rise naturally has its advantages. Especially when they are displayed on the large screen, edge form in the eyes of the screen image to optimize points inward curved screen makes images and the eye of the same distance, so compared with the flat-panel display more clearly the edge picture quality, and increase the sense of presence and immersion.
E-sport equipment is a very specialized market
E-sport equipment is a very specialized market, was not available on general sale of display products can handle. 2015 of electric competing display field also has shaking of transform, from early 144Hz high refresh rate, 1ms of speed response time of electric competing optimization configuration combination, to later of can synchronization display refresh rate and graphics GPU rendering of G-SYNC technology, again to now of high points big screen, some auxiliary displayed function of appeared, we can see with electric competing industry of constantly development, and electric competing players on game needs of rose, prompted has electric competing displayed technology of constantly change. New technologies constantly appear in the display, this also proves that the competing display optimize reach new heights.