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2016 LCD TV panel market surface analysis

First Panel manufacturers and brands actively promoting drive the 2016 surface Panel shipment growth. With the COA manufacturing process improvement, Panel surface Panel production capacity will continue to grow rapidly, with Samsung and AUO actively promoting LCD Panel factory represented by surface Panel markets, huaxing photoelectric Panel factory in China has actively joined and layout of surface Panel. Meanwhile, Samsung, TCL, Hisense, CHANGHONG, KONKA and considered to represent the brand manufacturers are also actively promoting surface television as the high-end models of these brands, sales promotion will lead to increased profit.
In addition, the curved surface Board and flat panel, spreads continue to shrink, pulling the surface panel shipments continued to grow. Early 2015 curved surface plate spreads with the flat panel at a 15%~20% level, and by the end of 2015, the spread has narrowed to less than 10%. Entered in 2016, with the expansion of scale and capacity input, panel makers will adopt a more aggressive pricing strategy, and continue to narrow the gap with flat panel or curved surface plate and flat panel prices can be achieved.