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Advantages compared to conventional CCFL Backlight LED backlight

1. is brightness uniformity. LED is a planar light source, is the most basic unit of luminous 3 mm ~5 mm side length of the square (after package), very easy to combine to become the established area of surface light source, has good brightness uniformity. As LCD backlight, LED the required auxiliary optical components can be done very simply, better brightness uniformity.
2. is a good color. LED backlighting has better color gamut, color is strong performance in CCFL Backlight, insufficient number of display color LCD technology can be a very good compensation, good color.
3. long life. LED service life of up to 100,000 hours, even if used for 10 hours a day, also for 27 consecutive years, greatly extending the life of an LCD TV, the overwhelming advantage of plasma technology is available.
4. low voltage-driven. LED 5V~24V low voltage power supply is used, is a safe driver module design is very simple.
5. it is stable. Planar structure LED a solid internal structure, seismic performance very well.