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Screen details

The principle of liquid crystal display
LCD screen composition including
A backlight lamp, fluorescent lamps or something before, now mostly led lighting, namely light emitting diode.
A light guide plate, because lamp is one or several users requested a plane, so you need this board into a uniform light distribution surface. You can imagine a glowing wall.
And then the liquid crystal layer, liquid crystal molecule has a characteristic power case, it moves, it moves back light wall light blocking, so bright with dark, a lattice work of light and shade, you can display an image or text. Similar games of Scrabble, for example the Olympic Games opening ceremony that "and" is used.
LCD Plus voltage of you give him a different, flip the extent, occlusion of the light is different, so there is light and shade, the so-called gray, there are two types of voltage, only black and white, four are black, black ash, white ash, white.

Exhibition Center: The Hong Kong Asia World-Expo(Near the Hong Kong airport)

Booth Number: 10P06, hall 10
Date: October 18th-21st, 2015
Exhibition Center: The Hong Kong Asia World-Expo Mobile Electronics
Booth Number: 10P20, hall 10
Date: April 18th-21st, 2016