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The advantages of LED-backlit

1.LED compared with CCFL Backlight: CCFL cold cathode tube is part of LCD displays with pollution, is one of the key components affecting the color saturation. LED by the use of a single point of light leads to low power consumption, coupled with long life, light small hail protection and other advantages, makes the current LED gradually replaces CCFL used, small-size panel, backlight, the future more gradually to the LCD monitor, notebook computers, LCD TVs and other areas of large size panel backlighting. In addition, due to the LED color saturation can be achieved close to 100%, far superior to CCFL General 70%~85% performance standards. I need to highlight is that because of the LED drive much faster than CCFL, CCFL drive needs 1s~2s, but LED only require 50ns, so use no color film (Color Filter-less) techniques can be achieved with LED backlight.
2.LED compared with LCD backlight: LED backlight and LCD compared to LCD, LED-backlit LCD, brightness, volume, power, material quality, viewing angles, and refresh rate and so on, are more advantageous. LED backlight and LCD power consumption of about 10:1 and a higher refresh rate makes the LED backlight in the video has better performance, can provide a wide Visual angle of up to 160 °, you can display all kinds of text, numbers, color images and animation information or broadcast television, video, VCD, DVD, color video signals, multiple screens can also be used for network broadcast. Organic LED display individual elements of reaction rate LCD LCD 1000 times, can also take care of errors in bright light, and massive headwind at low temperature. Using LED technology, than LCD can produce thinner, brighter and sharper display, has a wide range of applications.