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The nine advantages of LED display screen

1. real-time dissemination of information: the wireless LED display can receive information center issued information at any time.
2. no distance limits: Wireless LED display can be used across the country, as long as the Wi-Fi signal coverage area can be used, without the limitation of distance and position.
3. the network scale: Wireless LED display via GSM, GPRS, CDMA, wireless networks to send 3G information, using the TCP/IP network transport protocol, unlimited Internet terminal, and a large network.
4. easy to install and maintain: because you do not need cable or cables, so wireless LED display is easy to select the installation location. Modular design for easy maintenance and repair, and automatically save all information dial-up Internet access, automatic redial, ensuring reliable connectivity, wireless LED display at power up again automatically after a power failure the original information, anti-jamming design for electromagnetic severe environment applications, high and low temperature design, adapted to low and high temperature environment.
5. a variety of ways to disseminate information: according to the different selected communications network, you can choose a different way of sending information to update the wireless LED information display, and mass mailings, group, point to send information. Such as: related Web sites on your computer via the Internet send, computer, sent through the send module sends private information, cellphones, and so on.
6. choose a variety of LED display: indoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor single color, double color, color, and so on.