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What is a LED backlight

We know liquid crystal material itself is not light, that need the LCD panel back light source to provide light support. The light source in the past have been based on CCFL cold light lamp, CCFL cold light lamp light similar to fluorescent tubes we use every day. Whereas CCFL cold light lamp face brightness not uniform, high power consumption, and includes issues such as mercury. Comparatively, LED backlight power consumption and better material environmental protection, brightness uniformity is also relatively high and volume can be made thinner. LED backlighting is manufacturers are optimistic about the prospects. Let us recall the principle of LCD monitors.
Transition from CCFL to LED backlight module can bring many benefits, you can let the brightness of the display screen is more uniform, lower power consumption, appearance can be more thin and stylish. But now widely used in the market is W-LED (white LED) backlight, in fact, the backlight turns light emitting components replaced, and shows the effect of the lift is very weak or no lift. RGB-LED on LCD display increases significantly (tri-color LED) shows the effect of the raise is obvious, but high production costs, thus is applied on the high-priced LCD TVs.