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What kind of screen is a good screen

1, brightness (the brighter the better, height adjustable, high benefits can also see in the Sun, under normal conditions without too high, too much glare, adjustable)
2, contrast ratio (the higher the better, best infinite, better contrast, gorgeous colors more vivid, OLED looks pretty, a great contrast with the degree of credit)
3, color range and color (color zone in theory, the greater, the more close to reality)
To say a few more here, because the large color area, OLED should have the absolute advantage of color. However, the picture we see the vast majority are optimized for 72%NTSC color display device, the gamut of the display device used most. Color field picture to 72%NTSC more than 100% above the OLED of the NTSC color gamut, if color management is not well adjusted cases, but be distorted

Exhibition Center: The Hong Kong Asia World-Expo(Near the Hong Kong airport)

Booth Number: 10P06, hall 10
Date: October 18th-21st, 2015
Exhibition Center: The Hong Kong Asia World-Expo Mobile Electronics
Booth Number: 10P20, hall 10
Date: April 18th-21st, 2016