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6 Major Characteristics Of Full-color SMD LED Technology

1. have a wide viewing angle SMD for display, and has a Visual angle of 110 degrees in the horizontal direction, in the vertical direction also has the same performance, in many of the external environment, so the large viewing angle is very advantageous.
2. in distribution light Shang for, blue red and green LED in all angle Shang looks its brightness are is same of, this can let screen explicit more perfect of show himself of play effect, regardless of watch who in what angle are can appreciate to best of color picture, and not like other type of screen explicit as, in angle deviation of situation Xia, exists color distortion of situation.
3. on the mixed light, due to its three-chip design and instrument structure, made from very small chips, can be mixed in the same bracket in the Cup, unlike regular led three chips in led, poor performance in mixed light. A closer look, SMD will display with good viewing.
4. due to its structure in contrast to three and one, SMD will be very small, the result is that there is a small area of light formed, and there are large areas of black, the contrast of the display is very high.
5. in terms of the products produced, SMD display high automation, it consists of fully automatic SMT production equipment, with high efficiency, low cost a lot.
6. on the weight of the body, very light, and the Cabinet adopts aluminum alloy material has a lot to do, not only light weight and very beautiful, after a long time, there will be no deformation of the situation, both for rental companies, and users to buy their own, have a very high value.