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A Method To Maintain The Maintenance Of The IPhone 4 LCD Digitizer Device

A method to maintain the maintenance of the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer device

How to maintain the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer meter maintenance? Maintenance is a necessary task to maintain the normal operation of a device. And the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer that is commonly seen now, because of its characteristics, we need to do the maintenance work well, here let's take a look at some of the following operations.

1, the inspection

iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer polling period usually use inspection system "month", a large iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer to maintain the execution of the "week inspection system" a weekly newspaper, the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer monthly maintenance inspection table ".

2, clean up,

For low-grade screens, especially outdoor screens, dust in the atmosphere is entered into the device by ventilation holes, and the fan and other equipment can quickly wear out and even damage. Dust will also fall on the inside of the screen to control the surface of the device, reduce the thermal conductivity and insulation performance, and the dust will absorb moisture in the air during wet weather to cause short-circuit. In the long term, it can lead to the mildew of PCB and electronic components, resulting in degradation of the equipment's technical performance and failure. Therefore, the cleaning of the iPhone 4 liquid crystal digitizer seems simple and is actually a very important part of maintenance work.


iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer belongs to high power consumption equipment, run after a period of time, due to stop and run for many times, including the terminal of the power supply part due to the hot and cold can cause looseness, contact not firm, form virtual connect, serious when fever, even raising beside the plastic components. Signal terminals will be due to the environmental change of temperature cold heat is loose, high lead to poor contact, then result in equipment failure, so must the fittings of the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer fastening on a regular basis. When the fastener is adjusted, the force should be uniform and properly to ensure that it is strong and effective.

4. Surface cleaning of the display screen

Visual inspection and inspection of the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer in two states of bright screen and black screen. Including: whether the surface of the display is contaminated, the purpose is to remove the influence of surface dirt on the luminescence characteristics; Whether the surface of the display has damaged cracks; Whether the communication distribution cable line is normal; In the case of high level of protective equipment, although the high reliability components and the plugins are chosen, the secrecy is the key factor, so it is important to check the seal in good condition regularly. For outdoor screen steel structure, inspect surface paint and corrosion; For outdoor screen surface pollution is especially serious, the surface should also be cleaned.

This is the way to maintain the maintenance of the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer device. I hope you can do these maintenance work in the process of using it. Only in this way can we prevent some failures in time.

With regard to the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer control system, we usually divided it into synchronous and asynchronous system two types, very many friends may for these knowledge are not very understanding, here small make up for everyone to do a LED display screen control system is analyzed.

1. Synchronous control system

Mainly used for real-time display of video, graphic, notification, etc. Mainly used for indoor or outdoor full-color screen. iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer synchronous control system control panel displays basic way of working is equal to the computer monitor, it takes at least 60 frames per second update rate corresponding to the real-time map images on the computer monitor, usually have many shades of gray show ability, can achieve multimedia advertising effect.

Its features are: real-time, expressive force rich, complicated operation, high price, and calculate the machine display content is fully synchronous display, so, if the computer is closed, so the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer is not show, so playing time will be affected by certain restrictions. This system is mainly used for higher real-time requirements than high places.

2. Asynchronous control system

Also called the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer device offline control system or offline card. Mainly used to display various text, symbols and graphics or animation. The screen display information is edited by the computer, and the frame storage of the LED screen is pre-placed in the rs232/485 serial port, then the screen is shown on screen, and the cycle is reciprocating. The display mode is colorful and varied.