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Advertisement Machine Enterprise How To Seize The Opportunity

First of all, in public information display, for example, finance and energy, power, logistics, distribution, transportation, flight information displays and other fields, with the building of smarter cities, urban information has become the priority. From data statistics view, China prefecture-level city above city in the, proposed wisdom city construction of city breakthrough 180 a, has over 60%, tens of thousands of billion yuan of market ready stay sent and continues to rendering fast spread of potential, and which also exists differences, such as Midwest area for wisdom city of construction more focuses on Yu on city of publicity promotion to promote investment hardware and software environment of construction based, coastal areas is more focused Yu through real networking, and cloud computing, and Mobile Internet and data emerging hot spots, such as technology development and utilization of information resources of the city.
And LCD advertising machine and wisdom city of cross points from such as received entrance, and spread, and image, elements to application level of cloud, and big data, and network, and sensor, technology are repeatedly of refresh advertising machine industry overall solution programme provides capacity, technology of integration also no longer just a door stunt but to play real of role even LCD advertising machine has from a simple of products evolution for a huge of fusion data gets, and analysis processing of platform.
Secondly, the hottest O2O landed the cries of the retail market, on September 29, the first issued by the State Council on promoting the innovation and development Commerce and offline interactive opinions on restructuring and upgrading, O2O must support this business model, according to Ministry of commerce statistics, first half of the year, O2O 304.94 billion yuan market scale, rose as high as 80%, it goes without saying that the impact of the traditional retail market. Follow from low-level store decoration, showing to the high-level flow of goods and information access, data acquisition, processing, and will break up the monotony LCD advertising player in the past forms of information dissemination needs, to integrate more, such as biometrics, interactive touch headed the advanced stage of the full range of technology solutions.