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An Advantage Of An Array Control System For The IPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer

An advantage of an array control system for the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer

Now living in the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer according to different control system, also is divided into many types, today we want to know is the array type control system, together to see the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer array type control system.

First of all, the iPhone can be 6 Plus LCD digitizer in frame frequency increased from 60 hz to 120 hz above, far more than the person's eye resolving power, make the person is in when viewed no stroboscopic phenomenon and water ripple, improve the quality of the display.

Second, the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer can be red, green, blue three colors of gray level from level 256 to level 1024, make the color more bright-coloured, better color reducibility, show more real images.

Flow, USES the LDVS signal is transmitted, to avoid the loss of signal, make the iPhone 6 Plus LCD digital display content synchronization, improve the consistency of the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer, the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer without any color color piece.

These are the advantages of using an array control system. I hope you can understand. "Quality first, service first, dominated by high-tech, and constantly develop more" solutions "is bayi road through photoelectric technology has been the goal of the staff. Interested friends can contact us.

With the development of science and technology, our products are used in the life more diverse classes, and then take now use more iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer, the type of it in life there are many, household type it's just a kind of appearance, but a lot of these types in use now, here, let us look at the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer appearance of good choice.

Compared with the direct products, the exterior paste has the advantages of wide viewing Angle, good lighting, mixed color and high contrast. Door appearance to stick full color not only has over 110 degrees in the horizontal direction of wide Angle of view, in the vertical direction also has more than 110 - degree wide Angle of view, so hanging high in the sky outside the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer is the door appearance requirements that have a broader perspective of full color to shows better advertising effect.

It is better to have a consistent appearance than a straight LED. Upright type red, green, and blue oval LED brightness in three different perspectives on the consistency of the indicators is difficult to achieve, and the household appearance to stick to do it in different Angle of red, green, blue three kinds of brightness matching consistency highly consistent, to ensure that the outdoor full-color table put the iPhone 6 Plus the brightness of the LCD digitizer in any direction are consistent, achieve better vivid effect.

In addition, the full color table paste volume is much smaller than the direct lamp, so the light area is small, the area of the black area is large, and the contrast of the iPhone 6 Plus LCD digital device is improved. A three-in-one design structure, with red, green and blue chips, can be used as a pixel in the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer. And into the LED lights, its built-in single color chip, need at least three different colors of red, green, and blue lights each one assembled together, can constitute a full-color iPhone 6 Plus a pixel LCD digitizer. Therefore, the mixing effect of the full-color SMDiPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer is better than that of the direct-insert elliptical iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer.

About the benefits of its choice appearance stick type is this, of course you also need to pay attention to in to choose whether this product meets our requirements, after the products suitable for your product is good after all.