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Application With LCD Screen Digitizer New Technology

Application with LCD Screen Digitizer new technology
For notebook computers or desktop LCD Screen Digitizer need to adopt the more complex color display, but also have a special color filter to deal with color filter layer. Typically, in a color LCD panel, each pixel is made up of three liquid crystal cells, each of which has a red, green, or blue filter in front of each cell. In this way, through different cells of the light can be displayed on the screen different colors. LCD to overcome the CRT bulky, power consumption and flashing shortcomings, but also brought the cost is too high, the angle is not wide and color display is not ideal and other issues. CRT display can choose a series of resolutions, and can be adjusted according to the screen requirements, but LCD Screen Digitizer contains only a fixed number of liquid crystal units, only in the full screen using a resolution display (each unit is a pixel). CRT usually has three electron guns, the injection of electronic flow must be accurately gathered, otherwise it will not get a clear image display. But there is no focus problem on the LCD, because each LCD unit is a separate switch. That's exactly the same reason why this picture is so clear on the LCD Screen Digitizer screen. LCD does not have to worry about the refresh rate and flicker, the LCD unit is either open or off, so the image displayed at a low refresh rate of 40 to 60 Hz does not flicker than the image displayed at 75 Hz. However, LCD Screen Digitizer's LCD unit will be prone to flaws. For 1024 × 768 screens, each pixel consists of three units, each responsible for red, green and blue display, so a total of about 2.4 million units (1024 × 768 × 3 = 2359296). It is difficult to ensure that all of these units are intact. Most likely, some of them have been short-circuited ("bright spots"), or disconnected ("black spots"). So that is not so high that the product does not appear flawed. The LCD Screen Digitizer contains some of the things that have never been used in CRT technology. The light source for the screen is the fluorescent tube that wraps around it. Sometimes, you will find a part of the screen appears very bright lines. There may also be some indecent stripes, a special light or dark image will affect the adjacent display area. In addition, some fairly sophisticated patterns (such as dithered images) may appear ugly ripples or interference patterns on the LCD LCD Screen Digitizer. Now, almost all of the LCDs used in notebooks or desktop systems use thin film transistors (TFTs) to activate cells in the liquid crystal layer. TFT LCD technology can display more clear, bright images. Early LCD because of non-active light-emitting devices, low speed, poor efficiency, contrast is small, although able to display clear text, but in the fast display images often produce shadows, affecting the video display, so now only applied Need black and white display of the Pocket PC, pager or mobile phone. With the ever-changing technology, LCD technology is also evolving. At present, the major LCD Screen Digitizer manufacturers have increased the R & D costs of LCD, and strive to break through the LCD technology bottlenecks to further accelerate the LCD Screen Digitizer the industrialization process, reduce production costs and achieve the user can accept the price level.
Application with LCD Screen Digitizer new technology
In order to create a better picture structure, the new technology uses a unique TFT-type Active element to drive. We all know that the most complex LCD Screen Digitizer the most important part of the LCD in addition to the LCD, it is necessary to count directly on the LCD display brightness of the backlit screen and responsible for the color of the color filter. In each of the liquid crystal pixels on the addition of the Active element to point to point control, making the LCD Screen Digitaku screen and the whole system of the CRTLCD Screen Digitizer compared to the world, this control mode in the display accuracy, than in the past Control mode is much higher, so in the CRTLCD Screen Digitizer at the image of poor quality, color infiltration and jitter is very powerful phenomenon, but in the new technology to join the LCD Screen Digitizer watch the picture quality is quite pleasing to the eye The
Low-reflective liquid crystal display technology As we all know, the external light on the LCD Screen Digitizer screen has a very large interference, some LCD display, when the outside light is relatively strong, because the surface of the glass plate reflection, and interfere with its normal display. So the use of some of the bright outdoor public places when its performance and considerable will be greatly reduced. At present, many LCD Screen Digitizer even if the resolution is high, the reflection technology is not handled properly, which is practical for the application of the work is not practical. Just some pure data, in fact, is a deviation to guide the user's behavior. The new LCD Screen Digitizer uses the "low-reflective LCD Screen Digitizer" technology is the LCD Screen Digitizer in the outermost layer of anti-reflective coating technology (AR coat), with this layer of paint, LCD Screen Digitizer screen The gloss of the LCD Screen Digitizer screen itself, the LCD screen Digitizer screen resolution, to prevent reflection of these four aspects but to a better improvement.