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Do You Know How To Solve The Cooling Problem Of The PCB Board During The Use Of The IPhone 5 LCD Digitizer?

Do you know how to solve the cooling problem of the PCB board during the use of the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer?
With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more industry equipment useful to the iPhone 5 LCD digital instrument, equipment, work generated heat, so that the device temperature inside the rapid rise, if not the timely distribution of the heat, the device will continue to heat up, The device will be due to overheating failure, the reliability of equipment will decline. Therefore, the PCB circuit board heat treatment is very important. Many friends in the installation of iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer when it is inevitable to solve the PCB above the heat problem.
 The direct cause of PCB board temperature rise is due to the existence of circuit power devices, electronic devices are varying degrees of power consumption, heat intensity changes with the size of power consumption.
In the analysis of iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer PCB thermal power, the general from the following aspects to analyze.
1, electrical power consumption: (1) analysis of power consumption per unit area; (2) analysis of the distribution of power consumption on the PCB.
2, PCB board structure: (1) PCB board size; (2) PCB board material.
3, PCB board installation: (1) installation (such as vertical installation, the level of installation); (2) sealed and the distance from the chassis.
4, heat radiation: (1) PCB board surface radiation coefficient; (2) PCB board and the adjacent surface temperature difference between them and their absolute temperature.
 5, heat conduction: (1) the installation of radiators; (2) other installation structure of the conduction.
6, thermal convection: (1) natural convection; (2) forced cooling convection.
From the above analysis, often a product and the system of these factors are related and dependent, most of the factors should be based on the actual situation to analyze.
 iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is a general name, its name has a color LCD screen and black and white LCD screen, color screen for the majority of the standard, called the general inch. Black and white LCD display is generally non-standard screen, the size of the requirements according to the demand side, usually all through, semi-permeable, reflective.
iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer black and white screen COG process, COB process, TAB process. LCD module, also known as liquid crystal display, the market production and sales of various LCD monitors have different names, the following I will summarize the name for everyone, if there is a better name please comment on the amendment.
 LCD module, LCD module, LCD module, LCM module, liquid crystal display module, liquid crystal display module, LCD dot matrix module, LCD screen, dot matrix screen, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer, LCD liquid crystal mold Group, standard module, 12864 LCD module, segment code module, COG module, COB module, display module, industrial application display module, and so on.
LCD through the backlight to show the current market, the more common TFT and SLCD are all areas of LCD, but also usually we used to see iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer. Module iPhone 5 LCD digital instrument produced after the charge by adding ic and FPC and backlight there are some with PCB board and external electronic components. Fixed interface definition (4, 8, VGA and other different types), after debugging completed called LCD module, also known as LCD module.