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Eliminate The Use Of The IPhone 5 LCD Digitizer To Use The Troubleshooting Tips

Eliminate the use of the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer to use the troubleshooting tips

1, rule out irregular and abnormal display

The cause of the confusion may be that the back electrode is suspended, the driver is dc, the power supply fluctuates, the contact is bad, the battery runs out. Can be excluded according to different reasons.

2. Confusion display

Interference can also cause confusion and remove distractions.

3. "handwriting" excluded

After a few hours or a few days, the electrode discoloration appears black, brown "handwriting", and the liquid crystal box is bubbling, so that it cannot be displayed. This is because the drive voltage dc component is too large, which causes electrochemical anti-blood. Check the circuit, eliminate the excessive dc component, replace the new iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer device. When just appear "handwriting", liquid crystal display device can be heated to a temperature above, even if the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer display surface are all black, stop heating, after natural cooling, usually can get rid of "writing".

4. Dimly seen

The pen that should not be displayed after assembly is also faintly displayed, so that it cannot be read out. The reason may be: the lead line is not clean. Wipe with a dry cloth. Otherwise, the weather is too damp, the glass surface conducts electricity. And then you can recover when you're dry. Then there is a public electrode, or an electrode, which can be reinstalled and can be removed. The fluctuation range of the ac wave is asymmetrical, which causes the blanking to be closed and the amplitude of the adjustment square wave can be resolved. Finally, the conductive rubber bands are not straight, not parallel, and the insulation performance is poor, and the conductive rubber strips can be replaced.

Eliminate interruptible display failure

The reason is that the power supply voltage is not normal, the battery is exhausted, and the battery needs to be changed.

General regular brand iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is made the national 3 c certification. 3 c authentication is one of the electromagnetic interference and radiation testing. In general are accord with national standard. But the domestic 3 c standard is a little lower than the CE and FCC standard a little.

Generally speaking, the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer device has the same radiation on the front and back, and there is no particular side or side. In short, the iPhone 5 liquid crystal digitizer is far less radiation than the electromagnetic furnace, microwave oven and other products. When buying, try to buy a 3c certified product. Some shanzhai products have not been tested. Some shanzhai tests are done. If you have a pregnant woman at home, use less electronics.

Should be in the control range, the component manufacturer that normally has radiation is covered with metal cover, can use specialized instrument to measure, should not have big problem. The radiation from the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is limited, and so is the back. The adoption of national standards and other standards of the world should have no impact on people. Counterfeit goods may exceed the standard, but the impact is limited, thus making a decision that it has no impact on people's health.