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Future Ultra Narrow IPhone 5 LCD Digitizer's Six Important Development Directions

Future Ultra Narrow iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer's six important development directions
      Technology era, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is the best technology crystallization, and iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is the aggregation of scientific and technological elements. In the past, the rapid development of information technology, large screen is the best information carrier. After years of development of the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer technology has reached high-definition, bright, high-quality technology, and the integration of embedded hardware stitching technology, multi-screen image processing technology, signal switching technology into one, let iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer To reach a new breakthrough point. However, all this does not highlight the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer features in the future iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer technology development must follow the following characteristics:
      Long life
      iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is the longest life of the display device, its own life is very long, even the shortest life of the backlight part, up to 50,000 hours or more, and even if used for such a long time, it will only Brightness caused by the impact, only need to replace the backlight can restore the original bright colors. This is a fundamental difference with the rear projection, LCD backlight life is ten times the rear projection lamp, its merits and demerits.
      2, large perspective
      For the early LCD products, the viewing angle was once a major problem restricting the LCD, but with the continuous progress of LCD technology, has now completely solved this problem. iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer curtain wall using DIDiPhone 5 LCD Digitizer, its viewing angle of more than 178 degrees, has reached the absolute perspective of the effect.
      3, high resolution
      iPhone 5 Digitizer dot pitch is much smaller than the plasma, the physical resolution can easily reach and exceed the HD standard, the LCD brightness and contrast are high, bright colors, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer technology to achieve pure flat show no curvature , The image is stable and does not flicker.
      4, exquisite clever clever
      iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer has a thin, light weight features, can be easily stitching and installation. 40 inch dedicated iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer, weighs only 12.5KG, the thickness of less than 10 cm, which is other display devices can not match.
      5, low power
      iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer, low power, low fever has always been known for people. Small size iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer power is not greater than 35W, 40 inch or more iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer, its power is only about 150W, only about one-third of the plasma to one quarter.
      6, low cost
      LCD is the most stable and reliable display device, because the heat is very small, the device is very stable, not because of high temperature damage caused by component failure.
Of course, in the current iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer technology is difficult to do more than six points, but in the future iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer technology must overcome the above six points, so that iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer technology in the end a new field, while providing consumers with The most perfect iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer.
  Liquid crystal is the use of liquid crystal under the action of the principle of deflection of the voltage. Since the liquid crystals that make up the screen can display red, green and blue ternary colors at the same point, or one point of the liquid crystal is superimposed by three points, they are arranged in a certain order, and these liquid crystals are stimulated by voltage, You can show a different color, different proportions of the mix can show a variety of colors. The LCD itself is not glowing, it relies on the backlight to light, so the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer depends on the backlight. As the use of liquid crystal imaging point of the reasons, so the screen inside the composition of the more points, the smaller the imaging effect, vertical and horizontal points constitute the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer resolution, the higher the resolution, quality and delicate.
      The conference room includes multi-functional conference room, academic exchange conference hall, multi-functional international conference hall, modern training room, command room and other functions of the integration, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer generation, to meet the needs of modern conference room, while iPhone 5 The LCD Digitizer program is also the most important part of the modern conference room.