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IPhone 4 LCD Digitizer Use Precautions

iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer use precautions
1. iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer (LCD) should be prevented from applying DC voltage:
The DC component of the drive voltage is as small as possible. The maximum not more than 50mV, a long time to exert too much DC component, will occur electrolysis and electrode aging, thereby reducing life expectancy.
2. iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer (LCD) should prevent ultraviolet radiation:
Liquid crystal and polarizer is the organic matter, in the ultraviolet radiation will occur under the photochemical reaction, deterioration, so the LCD iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer assembly should be based on its use and use of the environment to consider whether the need for anti-ultraviolet filter in front of the device or other anti UV method.
Use should also avoid prolonged direct sunlight.
3. iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer (LCD) should prevent the erosion of harmful gases:
Liquid crystal and polarizer is organic matter, in a harmful gas environment in the chemical reaction, deterioration, so the use should be taken to take harmful gas isolation measures, and in the machine after the assembly is good, do not carry out a long time sealed storage, to prevent the plastic shell and Circuit board cleaning agent to produce chemical gas concentration too much damage to the liquid crystal and polarizer.
4. LCD iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer is made of two pieces of glass, between them only 5 ~ 10um, very thin. And the inner surface of the glass is also coated with a layer of orientation film, easy to damage. So it should also note the following:
  Liquid crystal device surface pressure can not be too large, so as not to damage the orientation layer. If the pressure in the assembly process is too large or hand press the device, need to stand for an hour after the power.
  Remember that there is no drastic temperature change during power-up.
  The device should be uniform pressure, only the device side, can not pressure the middle, can not tilt force.
5. Since the liquid crystal state disappears beyond a certain temperature range, it must be stored and used within the specified temperature range. The temperature is too high, the liquid crystal disappears, into a liquid, the display surface is black, can not work, please note that at this time must not power, and other temperature can be self-recovery. If the temperature is too low, the liquid crystal began to form ice, causing permanent damage. Also stored for a long time in the extreme temperature or by vibration, shock, LCD will produce bubbles.
6. To prevent the glass rupture:
As the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer instrument is made of glass, if lost, the glass will certainly be broken, so the whole design must be tested filter assembly and assembly of the vibration and impact resistance.
7. Device moisture-proof: As the LCD iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer instrument low voltage, micro power, liquid crystal material resistivity is extremely high (up to 1X1010Ω or more). Therefore, due to moisture caused by the glass surface conductivity may cause the device in the display, the segment between the "string" phenomenon, so the machine design must consider moisture. Usually, as far as possible placed in the temperature 5 ~ 30 ℃, humidity 65% conditions.
8. LCD iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer instrument cleaning:
As the liquid crystal surface is a plastic polarizer and reflective film, so the assembly, storage should avoid scratching dirty. In addition, there is a protective film on the front polarizer, when used to peel off.
If the device surface contamination dirty, you can use soft cloth, cotton, light rub treatment. If you must use solvent cleaning, only with isopropyl alcohol (glycerol), alcohol, freon, and must not use acetone, aromatic solvents, such as toluene, etc., or the device surface of the polarizer will be damaged.
9. If there is a metal pin LCD, welding pin, the solder joint should be 4mm away from the root or farther away, and can not be too large, overheating, so as not to damage the connection. The maximum temperature at the connection shall not exceed 80 ° C. The feet should not be washed with detergent, because in the day the detergent will decompose chlorine gas, water absorption after the formation of hydrochloric acid, thereby etching the electrode.
10. LCD iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer instrument using COMS circuit drive, it must also be noted:
  The display module module must not be input with no power supply.
  Assembly must be prevented from static electricity. Wear anti-static work clothes. The body to ground. Work desk case and soldering iron, tools and so on to get a good ground