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IPhone 4 LCD Digitizer Works?

iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer works?
Monochrome iPhone 4 LCD digital instrument principle LCD technology is the liquid crystal into two columns with a slot between the slots. The grooves on the two planes are perpendicular to each other (intersecting 90 degrees). That is, if a plane is arranged north-south, the molecules on the other plane are arranged in the east-west direction, and the molecules located between the two planes are forced into a 90 degree twist state. As the light travels along the direction of the molecules, so the light through the liquid crystal is also reversed 90 degrees. iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer But when a voltage on the LCD, the molecules will be re-arranged vertically, so that the light can be directed out, without any twisting. The LCD is dependent on the polarized filter (slice) and the light itself. Natural light is randomly divergent in all directions. Polarization filters are actually a series of increasingly fine parallel lines. These lines form a net that blocks all rays that are not parallel to these lines. Polarization of the filter line is just perpendicular to the first, so it can completely block those already polarized light. Only two lines of the filter are completely parallel, or the light itself has been twisted to match the second polarized filter, iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer and the light is able to penetrate. The LCD is made up of two mutually perpendicular polarized filters, so it is normal to block all the rays that are trying to penetrate. However, since the two filters are filled with twisted liquid crystals, the light is pierced by the first filter, the liquid crystal molecules will be reversed 90 degrees, and finally from the second filter piercing. On the other hand, if a voltage is added to the liquid crystal, the molecules will be rearranged and completely parallel, so that the light is no longer twisted, so just by the second filter to block. In short, the power will be blocked light, no power is the light emitted. However, it is possible to change the arrangement of the liquid crystal in the LCD so that the light is emitted at the time of power up and not being blocked when power is applied. But because the computer screen is almost always lit, so only "power to block the light" program to achieve the most energy-saving purposes. From the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer structure, whether it is a laptop or desktop system, using the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer are composed of different parts of the layered structure. The LCD is made of two glass plates, about 1 mm thick, separated by a 5 μm uniform interval containing a liquid crystal (LC) material. Since the liquid crystal material itself does not emit light, so on both sides of the display are provided as a light source of the lamp, and in the back of the LCD screen has a backlight (or light plate) and reflective film, the backlight is composed of fluorescent substances Can emit light, its role is to provide a uniform background light source. The light from the backlight plate enters the liquid crystal layer containing thousands of crystal droplets after passing through the first layer of the polarizing filter layer.
Color iPhone 4 LCD digital instrument works for notebook computers or desktop iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer need to use more complex color display, but also have to deal with color display color filter layer. Typically, in a color LCD panel, each pixel is made up of three liquid crystal cells, each of which has a red, green, or blue filter in front of each cell. In this way, through different cells of the light can be displayed on the screen different colors. LCD to overcome the CRT bulky, power consumption and flashing shortcomings, but also brought the cost is too high, the angle is not wide and color display is not ideal and other issues. CRT display can choose a series of resolutions, and can be adjusted according to the screen requirements, but the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer contains only a fixed number of liquid crystal unit, only in the full screen using a resolution display (each unit is a pixel) The CRT usually has three electron guns, the injection of electronic flow must be accurately gathered, otherwise it will not get a clear image display. But there is no focus problem on the LCD, because each LCD unit is a separate switch. This is exactly the same figure in the iPhone 4 LCD digital screen why so clear why. LCD does not have to worry about the refresh rate and flicker, the LCD unit is either open or off, so the image displayed at a low refresh rate of 40 to 60 Hz does not flicker than the image displayed at 75 Hz. However, iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer LCD unit will be prone to flaws. For 1024 × 768 screens, each pixel consists of three units, each responsible for red, green and blue display, so a total of about 2.4 million units (1024 × 768 × 3 = 2359296). It is difficult to ensure that all of these units are intact. Most likely, some of them have been short-circuited ("bright spots"), or disconnected ("black spots"). So that is not so high that the product does not appear flawed. level.