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IPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Business Should Be How To Locate Themselves?

iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer business should be how to locate themselves?
With the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer industry development more and more mature, the market competition has become more and more intense, due to industry technology development and product updates are fast, out of the chances of becoming greater. How to do not be eliminated by the market to become a number of iPhone 5 LCD digital instrument enterprise key issues. If you just want to do a good job and can not guarantee the enterprise to build a strong advantage of the barriers, only through the precise product and market positioning and the use of resources such as channels to fully understand and master the changes in the needs of the terminal market enterprises began to become more market competitiveness.
In the era of "oriented" market economy competition, more and more screen enterprises began to maintain such a "tacit understanding" - want to achieve long-term development, the first is to form economies of scale, because the current industry situation only has a sound industrial production Chain, in order to make the scale effect of the product to reduce production costs and enhance the product cost-effective in order to better protect the interests of customers to maximize. Followed by the accumulation of experience in production and construction. Many small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the strength of the industry, understand and analyze their target customers, and its precise market positioning, in the future development is essential.
How should enterprises locate themselves?
First need to know their own customer type. This is not to elaborate, to understand whether your customers are civil or commercial? Is the dealer or wholesaler or agent, engineering business is the export or domestic sales, and so the basic situation is the first step in the market work is necessary The
Second, the positioning of customer market differentiation. Market differentiation refers to the product sales conditions, sales environment and other specific market factors arising from the differences, including sales price differences, channel differences, service differences
1. Price differences: In general, for the international market, European and American customers can accept the high price, the Middle East customers can accept the low price. Enterprises according to the characteristics of the target market, their own conditions are high prices, or low-cost routes.
2. Channel differences: the specific channel construction, the current LED screen business channel development is different, the channel is different, direct marketing, distribution is not the same, screen enterprises need to be based on their own characteristics and advantages , To take the appropriate sales channels, you can get a multiplier effect.
3. Service differentiation. iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer industry services in the back of the product service, the quality of its quality of service directly affect the follow-up cooperation and even the screen brand image and so on. In the same product competition, the unique service will win the trust of customers, and finally according to their own company's type, characteristics to determine what types of customers to do.
Finally, it is also the most important product positioning. The most simple and rugged product positioning: is a high-end? Mid-end? Low-end? Usually again according to the corresponding price, to sell to the corresponding economic strength of customers; slightly fine product positioning: first identify the product suitable for use in which areas, which market , In the corresponding marketing, this product positioning also in line with the industry industry, screen market differentiation of the market strategy; guide product positioning: What are the advantages of the product, including price competitiveness, quality is stable, new product research and development capabilities, whether there is Related certification or certificate, whether the local agents for after-sales maintenance and so on. From the overall advantages of the product analysis, this approach is conducive to the screen in the market to grasp the initiative in the sale, and use their own professional advantages to customers to make the most correct guidance.
Customer-oriented to the precise market positioning, and then in products, channels, after-sales service and other aspects of the work to adhere to the "customer demand-oriented" core ideas, this business approach fit the current market development and changes in the future China iPhone 5 LCD digital instrument manufacturing enterprises need to adhere to the development of customer demand-oriented, all aspects of improving their product innovation, market development capabilities, brand competitiveness and other comprehensive strength, in-depth understanding of market demand, better promote the development of the market.