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IPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Detailed Description Of Internal Structure And Parts

IPhone 5 LCD digitalizer Detailed internal structure and parts description of the most professional dismantling site iFixit finally completed the iPhone 5 dismantling the report, a total of more than 50 photos, detailed to us on the details of the iPhone 5

  Phone 5 dismantling order is from front to back, which means that the screen is very easy to dismantle, just a few simple steps to complete. In contrast, iPhone 4S dismantling from the back to the front, the screen can only be the last dismantling, at least 38 steps. IPhone 5 screen easy to dismantle the characteristics also means that if the screen is damaged, the replacement screen will be very convenient and very low cost.

  iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer IFixit said that in the iPhone 3GS when the screen is very easy to disassemble, but the battery is difficult to demolition. Later the iPhone 4 / 4S is difficult to remove the screen, but the demolition of the battery is easy. In the iPhone 5, Apple has finally done a perfect, in addition to the screen very good demolition, the battery is also very easy to disassemble.

  Apple on the iPhone 5 battery using a new chemical technology to support higher voltage, and the capacity is also slightly increased. The following is a few popular mobile phone battery specifications:

  IPhone 5 battery specifications: 3.8V - 5.45Wh - 1440mAh, up to 8 hours of 3G talk time, the longest standby time of 225 hours.

  IPhone 4S battery specifications: 3.7V - 5.3Wh - 1432mAh, up to 8 hours of talk time, standby time up to 200 hours.

  Samsung Galaxy S III battery specifications: 3.8V - 7.98Wh - 2100mAh, up to 11 hours 40 minutes 3G talk time, standby time ... up to 790 hours

  The battery revealed the manufacturer's information - manufactured by Sony Electronics (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., which is manufactured in Singapore. Well, Made in China means ... made by Sony in China.

  iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Antenna, motherboard, camera and so are very good demolition (relative to such a sophisticated iPhone), perhaps Apple realized that they made mistakes before it (the most powerful Retina Macbook Pro is very difficult to dismantle, demolished After it is difficult to restore, Apple has been a lot of criticism