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IPhone 5 LCD Digitizer How To Identify Whether The Original?

iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer how to identify whether the original?
iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer since entering the industrial automation has been a very wide range of applications. At present, the application area of iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer has broken through the traditional manufacturing automation control, into the self-service terminal, transportation, communication, finance, medical, home and other industries. Has been integrated into all aspects of production and life.
iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer so far in the market has a lot of renovation and counterfeit products, if we use this kind of product may be a big risk, so far may not see, but the time will be slowly Of the exposed some of the problems, then how do we identify the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is the original? How to identify the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer whether there is quality problems?
1. Check the screen brightness is appropriate, the image is not flashing phenomenon. Generally speaking, if it is the original iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer, the brightness will be relatively uniform, the image is not flashing phenomenon.
2. Check the frequency of the refresh. The original LCD splicing screen has 120HZ frequency update frequency: DID products 120Hz frequency doubling liquid crystal display technology, can effectively solve the image fast running process of tailing and blur, enhance the image clarity and contrast, so that the screen is more clear, People's eyes watch for a long time will not be tired.
3. Look at the digital LCD function of LCD splicing screen products, original authentic iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer products have a powerful V12 digital engine function, can make the image more realistic, stable and bright. Refurbished product image color is not so conspicuous, and the screen shows the screen is not stable.
4. Look at the signal input function, in general, there are three original authentic signal input format: single VGA, composite video, single YPbPr format signal format input. If the quality of the poor can only use one or two.
5. A variety of screen display mode, the original authentic iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer display a wide variety of functions, with a variety of combinations of screen splicing mode, the maximum can be extended to 64-way combination of splicing, you can switch to any unit of any combination. While the counterfeit product display mode is much less.
iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer will use the polarizer, but many people should not understand the polarizer, polarizer is what? Polar film is the role of what, how do we use it, excellent horizon on this series of questions To parse:
What is polarizer, and its effect:
Polarization of the full name of the polarizer should be polarized, learn the physical should know what is the polarized light, LCD 5 LCD digitalizer imaging must rely on polarized light, all the LCD has both before and after the two polarizers close to the LCD glass, And a liquid crystal wafer having a total thickness of about 1 mm was formed. If less of any one polarizer, the LCD chip can not display the image. So the polarizer is in the production of LCD iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer instrument of the key components.
In the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer industry, the use of polarizer is very wide, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer to use the polarizer. In particular, the emergence of special fit technology, polarizer in the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer instrument in the use of more. Polarizing film is the role of liquid crystal and play together. In the production process, the general first of the two ordinary tempered glass, printed on the line, surrounded by plastic box and then on the folding, and then in the middle of the glass on both sides of the injection of liquid crystal, sealed at the top of the glass and below the paste polarizer The