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IPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer Industry Began To Enter The Bottleneck

iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer industry began to enter the bottleneck
 Today's iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer industry began to slowly enter the bottleneck of a development. It is now facing a lot of problems, the need for further breakthroughs in the technology, the market level also need to further enhance, but also in the comprehensive level of business services on a higher level, but also must be maintained and more extensive computer Technology, information technology, semiconductor technology, a high degree of integration and common development.
     The further development of the iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer market is based on the need to build on the bottleneck of liquid crystal display technology and to gradually gain recognition on the high-end application market. And for a very professional field, a technical industry, stitching display market is not just by virtue of the price advantage will be able to "rampant the world" of the industry: its technology, applications, services, programs, multi-dimensional market capabilities are this Industry continues to grow the key point. And the upgrading of which technology is one of the most critical factors.
     Market research believes that in the past few years the iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer industry, especially the domestic market development, more in fact in the LCD technology and information technology industry driven by the development, and iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer Product itself formed by the endogenous power, it is only a low market threshold and low prices of these two levels, but did not reflect the "high-tech" factors, and this phenomenon and the LCD industry and splicing industry as The status of the technology industry is completely inconsistent.
 Now the domestic economy in the rapid development, and a variety of information is also growing rapidly, and each enterprise or unit to watch and monitor the amount of information has begun to become more and more, and this is due to these, the urgent need for terminal The display system began to slowly toward the large-scale, high-definition development, then the iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer market will be high-speed growth, and industry applications will begin to slowly continue to expand.
The iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer is very popular in domestic and foreign markets, it has excellent performance, reasonable price, and its life is very long, the system is also very stable, maintenance costs are very low, so it is now The most cost-effective large-screen display system. And from the current sales point of view, iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer in recent years have basically achieved a number of high-speed market growth for several years.
Technical level, and then to Samsung launched by the ultra-narrow stitching technology has been constantly innovation, and patchwork is constantly breaking the limit, Samsung, Sharp, LG also began to show advantages, from 6.7mm, to 6.0mm to The narrowest so far lg the narrowest side of 5.3mm, has begun to slowly close to the "seamless" splicing. From the size of the specifications, ultra-narrow side of the iPhone 6 Plus LCD digital instrument screen also began slowly from 37-60 inches of a variety of specifications. From the display technology, led backlight technology applications will slowly in the iPhone 6 Plus LCD digital screen in the color, brightness and other display effects have been greatly improved, and "3d", "Full HD" "Even splicing", "touch", "pre-maintenance" and other new technology applications also began to endless. It can even be said that the emergence of iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer so that people continue to "meet" splicing the world's brilliant, which presents a magnificent picture again and again.