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IPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer Instrument Of The Three Major Characteristics

iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer instrument of the three major characteristics
From the consumer industry to the industrial sector, with the development of the industrial industry, the display has become an indispensable part of industrial equipment. iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer because of its particularity and the general display in the performance of a world of difference, that iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer instrument are what kind of characteristics?
One, against the harsh environment
A variety of iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer has a common feature, is the use of the environment is extremely bad, only the temperature, for example, iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer application from the tropical marine climate, dry continental climate to the continental climate, Temperature changes up to tens of degrees Celsius. So no matter what kind of environment directly using the iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer, should consider the harsh environment. iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer to withstand the cold, high temperature, heat, vibration, shock, exposure, rain, sand dust, lightning test, and salt fog, mold, biological borer erosion and other effects.
Second, the use of good features
Low power consumption, saving a lot of energy; TFT-LCD products are also models, low-voltage applications, low drive voltage, solid use of security and reliability; flat, and thin, saving a lot of raw materials and the use of space; Size series, variety, easy to use and flexible, maintenance, update, easy to upgrade, long life and many other features. The display range covers all applications ranging from 1 inch to 40 inches in the range of applications and the projection plane is full size display terminal; display quality from the simplest monochrome character graphics to high resolution, high color fidelity , High brightness, high contrast, high response speed of various specifications of the model video display; display methods are direct type, projection type, perspective, but also reflective.
Third, high reliability
The iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer occupies an important position in industrial equipment, and their high reliability requirements are obvious. Super life, and can withstand the strong fight, dust, water, iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer excellent quality and wide viewing angle are all iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer instrument should have the basic performance. Different industries have similar requirements for the display: operation and communication more efficient, safe and reliable. In addition to these basic needs, the application of the environment, determines the industry between the iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer requirements of the difference. Therefore, the high reliability of the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer against harsh environments must have the performance.
In the field of iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer, iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer with excellent quality and wide viewing angle, for many industrial areas to provide a clear picture at a glance. Ultra-wide operating temperature range (both low temperature and high temperature, indoor and outdoor), long service life and inherent environmental tolerance can make the iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer become an inevitable choice for this harsh environment. With such a high level of advantage, iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer in the industrial handheld terminal, Internet of Things, smart home, medical equipment and other fields have achieved the application.
Customer-oriented to the precise market positioning, and then in the products, channels, after-sales service and other aspects of the work to adhere to the "customer demand-oriented" core ideas, this business approach fit the current market development and changes in the future China iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer manufacturing enterprises need to adhere to customer demand-oriented, all aspects of improving their product innovation, market development capabilities, brand competitiveness and other comprehensive strength, in-depth understanding of market demand, and better promote the development of the market The
For example, in the iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer industry quite famous, is based on different customer needs, standing on the height of the industry, their own product development, production equipment to do some application integration, while adhering to customer demand-oriented, Improve the production process, and thus better meet the diverse needs of different customers.