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IPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer New Technology To Promote The Rapid Development Of Many Fields

iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer new technology to promote the rapid development of many fields

With the iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer constantly break the patchwork restrictions in the field of industrial applications have gradually become strong, and now a lot of large energy industry iPhone 6 Plus LCD digital instrument panel projects are used iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer technology.

iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer in the commercial information display applications, from the beginning of more professional and high-end applications extended to now cover to the business, entertainment, public management and other sub-applications, especially in the media, real estate market demand Strong, led the rapid development of the industry. The recent increase in network technology to promote the application of digital information distribution system, flat stitching with a clear picture quality, smaller footprint and flexible stitching in the field of commercial display has been increasingly widely used.

Now with the rapid development of China's economy, a variety of information is also growing rapidly, each enterprise or unit to watch, monitor the amount of information is also more and more, which urgently need to display the system towards large-scale, high-definition development. Large screen splicing display system with large screen, high-resolution features, to provide users with a lot of information, by the public security, transportation, electricity, military, water and many other industries and departments welcome, and iPhone 6 Plus LCD digital instrument curtain wall as important Of the large-screen display device is widely used by the relevant departments to achieve by a number of liquid crystal display unit splicing display a large screen function.

China's energy, transportation and other basic industrial construction investment and industrial automation, the continuous progress of information technology, LCD screen stitching industrial application needs steady growth, large-scale monitoring, command and scheduling iPhone 6 Plus LCD digitizer project construction, there have been many IPhone 6 Plus LCD digital instrument number over 100 large size splicing screen project.

Next year, China will fully enter the era of high-definition, high-definition applications will certainly use LCD to do a very good support. In the next three to five years, iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer will be faster and faster, HD is bound to the future of the main products, such as home TV, including commercial display, will go to high-definition signals, including some financial , The bank's monitoring system, are in the high-definition transformation, as well as high-definition camera, high-definition screen display, to ensure more secure monitoring, the trend makes