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IPhone 6s Plus Details

 IPhone 6s Plus details of the Beijing time on September 10, 2015 released iPhone 6S Plus. In addition to the original gold, silver, dark gray and launched rose gold (pink), the screen uses high-intensity Ion-X glass, the processor with A9 + M9 processor, CPU performance than the A8 upgrade 70%, graphics performance upgrade 90 %, Rear camera 12 million pixels, front camera 500 million pixels. Camera focus more accurate, CMOS for noise reduction using "deep groove isolation" technology to support 4K video recording. Data connection, support 23 band LTE network, and 2 times the speed of the WIFI connection. September 25, 2015 sale


  iPhone 6S Plus Apple iPhone 6sPlus fuselage with a more solid 7000 series aluminum alloy, the series is characterized by more hard, compared to 60% before, while it has a higher purity, and lighter. IPhone6sPlus body size is 158.2mm * 77.9mm, thickness than ever increased a little bit, 7.3mm, its weight is 192 grams.

  Fingerprint recognition system

  IPhone6sPlus also uses the second generation of TouchID fingerprint identification system, in the network, iPhone6sPlus support 23 band LTE network, and up to 300Mbps speed, and WiFi speed has also been improved.

  American Business Week: 3D Touch, because this feature iphone can become more concise. As the phone contains more and more features, use

  IPhone 6s Plus

  iPhone 6S Plus Home key to return the number of more and more frequent, seems to be the world's first problem, but the existence of Apple products and users between the smallest friction is completely removed.

  Business Insider: Apple's 3D Touch will make the operation smooth and natural and faster, but it is not a breakthrough interaction, but you can save time in many places only.

  BGR: Apple iphone 6s five regret

  The first iPhone6s and iPhone6s Plus in the thickness of the increase, Apple will launch a thinner product every year, the emergence of 3D Touch makes my phone thicker.

  The second is the battery capacity did not grow, although the A9 processor and other components of the efficacy are reduced, the software has also been optimized, but only the battery capacity did not increase.

  iPhone 6S Plus The third resolution did not improve as expected, although Apple's Retina screen resolution is enough, but 326ppi iPhone6s and the same type of product compared to still too low.

  The fourth camera has not yet resolved, "This can make a compromise to make the phone look ugly."

  Fifth start capacity is still 16GB, but this is not enough for many people, forcing them to spend more money to buy a larger capacity iPhone.