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IPhone 6S Plus Maintenance Method Must Pay Attention

iPhone 6S Plus maintenance method must pay attention
With the iPhone 6S Plus gradually known, gradually welcomed, more and more people began to go outdoors, or indoor installation. And whether it is indoor, or outdoor, will make the splicing screen becomes dirty. Therefore, regular cleaning, that is, we must pay attention to things. Many people clean up the method is very simple, that is, with a cloth rub, but this method is wrong. So how should we care about the splicing screen?
  We all know that if a product is used for a long time, and there is no serious care for it, then the damage to the machine is very large, the use of life will be greatly reduced. And relative to the iPhone 6S Plus, the same is true. Therefore, in the daily care and maintenance, is very important. In the maintenance, we must first pay attention to anti-theft ventilation environment placed, can improve the life of its use.
  In addition, the maintenance of the iPhone 6S Plus, but also pay attention to a comprehensive cleaning, but it should be noted that, in accordance with professional practices, choose professional tools for cleaning, if you do not know how to do it, the best Is to choose a professional technical staff to help you with the iPhone 6S Plus regular cleaning and maintenance, we only need to pay attention to the use of the method can be.
  Want to use the iPhone 6S Plus time can be more long-term, very important when the maintenance of things. But to remind you that, in the maintenance of the time, we must not blindly choose the method, it is best after the first consultation, in accordance with the formal method to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance, so as to avoid improper methods, and on the screen, or Is the equipment to bring unnecessary damage.
  As a result of the development of science and technology, a single display can not meet the monitoring center, command center, dispatch center and other applications of large applications, so by a number of display screen arbitrary splicing, according to the site environment and application requirements to design size and specifications of the iPhone 6S Plus market, such as the hot spring thermometer continues to expand. At present, iPhone 6S Plus is nothing more than DLP, LCD plasma, LED several kinds of iPhone 6S Plus way, in the splicing screen industry for many years, the customer asked the most question is "DLP, LCD, plasma, LED which big screen? , I often ask each other "sharks and tigers which powerful?" Yes, because these iPhone 6S Plus screen because of their technical characteristics are very different, determines their respective applications. Not the best, only if it is more appropriate. Followed by a detailed description of these different large-screen features and suitable for their application areas. for reference. First, iPhone 6S Plus advantages: the highest brightness, and has the characteristics of waterproof and dustproof. So the outdoor advertising screen is none other than the non-LED, and the outdoor advertising screen are long-distance viewing, and generally only show a picture, iPhone 6S Plus resolution is not high shortcomings is not a problem, P16 (pixel pitch 16 mm) above are acceptable.
iPhone 6S Plus use of the need to pay attention to the security issues:
A traffic safety problem: If the street on the iPhone 6S Plus brightness and angle control is good, naturally able to give pedestrians and vehicles to bring great convenience, but if the iPhone 6S Plus brightness is too high, it is likely to cause light pollution, so Not only the pedestrian and the driver's travel inconvenience lead to the occurrence of traffic accidents, but also cause adverse effects on the human eye.
Experts say that the high brightness of the iPhone 6S Plus screen may give the human eye to bring two kinds of damage, the first is when the human eye by the high brightness glare of the stimulus, the pupil of the eye will shrink, and the eyes will be obvious Feel uncomfortable, and the second is the iPhone 6S Plus screen flash, leading to high frequency of light, so that the human eye retina will have a serious impact on the macula, long-term damage will lead to macular degeneration, especially the elderly and Children, do not let them always staring at these displays, because this is certainly hurt for the eyes.
iPhone 6S Plus can be described as the crystallization of social and technological progress, so we use it in the process, we must first learn to avoid weaknesses, so not only to beautify the city, the dissemination of information at the same time, it will not affect the public's personal safety.