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LCD Power New Energy Industry

The double revolution of enterprise management to technology, Intelligent LCD power new energy security
Intelligent, information-led energy sector modernization. For guarantee production run of peace sex and economic sex, will will requirements production scheduling management personnel at any time, and accurate, and full to master production process the link of run State, forecast and analysis equipment of run trend, on production the link in the occurred of problem made timely accurate of disposal, and these are depends on LCD mosaic screen in energy production scheduling Management Center in the various monitoring information of intuitive displayed. Application of liquid crystal mosaic wall in the energy field has been active on the mainstream position, both power stations, substations of the power industry oil industry oil oilfield, oil pipelines; or in production in the coal industry is more barren, remote or even worse places. Through monitoring of liquid crystal mosaic wall can be effective, if an accident occurs, the ability to make appropriate adjustments, reached the scene of the accident risk is minimized.