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LCD Screen Digitizer Has Innovative Economic Significance

LCD Screen Digitizer has innovative economic significance
      LCD Screen Digitizer can be said that in the streets, so that every user to experience the full HD large-screen visual enjoyment. It is extremely simple to install, like a child building blocks in general, but a single or spliced together to use the same products are simply installed. Products not only have a variety of special interfaces to meet the needs of users, but also can do the corresponding digital signal transmission, and SLCD in the full range of products is unique, the world's most cutting-edge digital processing technology to meet the user More exciting visual effects.
      On the development of the market for the early era of narrow borders product display has become a historical memorial, ultra-narrow borders gradually become the mainstream form of the market, like the LCD Screen Digitizer is a hot product. And this kind of LCD Screen Digitizer products in all aspects of the value of the economy has brought some innovative economic significance, so that the development of the economy with new blood.
      LCD Screen Digitizer for the user to do the most technologically advanced service experience, but they do this market situation, it is taking into account the cost of this industry on the social economy is not the same innovative significance.
      From the time of change we can see from the earliest PDP splicing curtain wall in the technical there are some problems in the use of a long time after the screen is easy to produce burning marks, which in the cost-effective unpopular, the market also witnessed It's lacking. Second, DLP TV wall although the use of LED technology has its own consumer groups, but its cost is not particularly expensive to apply to the majority of users. Finally, in the LCD Screen Digitizer the emergence of its unique performance, reasonable and affordable price has been numerous user business support, and enterprises in the latter part of the maintenance costs on the low cost, the use of life can reach 5-10 million hours, Very low failure rate so that people believe that it is the most cost-effective products.
      LCD Screen Digitizer represents the emergence of a new technological innovation, but also improve the traditional products in all aspects of the lack of become the best of the current large-screen display system, but also for the community's economy has brought a new round of innovation and Value of the meaning of the economy into a new force.
 Technology era, LCD Screen Digitizer is the best technology crystallization, and LCD Screen Digitizer is the aggregation of scientific and technological elements. In the past, the rapid development of information technology, large screen is the best information carrier. China's LCD screen Digitizer technology has reached high-definition, bright, high-quality technology, and the integration of embedded hardware stitching technology, multi-screen image processing technology, signal switching technology into one, LCD Screen Digitizer to achieve a New breakthrough point. However, all this does not highlight the characteristics of LCD Screen Digitizer, in the future development of LCD Screen Digitizer technology must follow the following characteristics:
      Long life
      LCD Screen Digitizer is the longest life of the display device, its own life is very long, even the shortest life of the backlight part, up to 50,000 hours or more, and even if used for such a long time, only its brightness Causing the impact, only need to replace the backlight can restore the original bright colors. This is a fundamental difference with the rear projection, LCD backlight life is ten times the rear projection lamp, its merits and demerits.
      2, large perspective
      For the early LCD products, the viewing angle was once a major problem restricting the LCD, but with the continuous progress of LCD technology, has now completely solved this problem. LCD Screen Digitizer curtain wall used DIDLCD Screen Digitizer, its viewing angle of more than 178 degrees, has reached the absolute perspective of the effect.
      3, high resolution
      Liquid crystal dot pitch is much smaller than the plasma, the physical resolution can easily reach and exceed the HD standard, LCD brightness and contrast are high, bright colors, LCD Screen Digitizer technology to achieve pure flat display no curvature, image stability is not Flashing.