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LCD Screen Digitizer In The Daily Use Of The Note

LCD Screen Digitizer in the daily use of the note
Today's LED industry is constantly developing, and appear in our side of the industry is also constantly increasing, for example, the streets of the major cities of the LCD Screen Digitizer billboards at night to light the city square colorful LCD landscape lighting, in the LCD products for our continuous service process, we need to minimize the use of the process to bring the security risks.

LCD Screen Digitizer need to pay attention to the use of security issues:

A traffic safety problem: If the streets of the LCD Screen Digitizer brightness and angle control is good, it is natural to pedestrians and vehicles to bring great convenience, but if the LCD Screen Digitizer brightness is too high, it is likely to cause light pollution , Which will not only pedestrians and drivers of the inconvenience caused by the occurrence of traffic accidents, but also the adverse effects on the human eye.

Experts said that the brightness of the LCD screen digital instrument may give the human eye to bring two kinds of damage, the first is when the human eye by the high-intensity glare stimulation, the pupil of the eyes will shrink, and the eyes will be obvious And the second is the screen of the LCD Screen Digitizer flash, resulting in high frequency of light, so that the human eye retina will have a serious impact on the macular, long-term damage will lead to macular degeneration, especially Old people and children, do not let them always staring at these displays, because this is certainly hurt for the eyes.

LCD Screen Digitizer can be described as the crystallization of social and technological progress, so we use it in the process, we must first learn to avoid weaknesses, so not only to beautify the city, the dissemination of information at the same time, it will not affect the public's personal safety.
 A: First, we need to check the LCD Screen Digitizer graphics card connection is loose. Due to poor contact resulting in the emergence of "clutter", "miscellaneous point" -like Huaping is the most common phenomenon.

Two: check the video card is overclocking. If the card overclocking due to excessive use, usually there will be irregular, intermittent stripes. And this time we need to properly reduce the rate of overclocking. Note that the first must reduce the memory frequency.

Three: check the LCD Screen Digitizer resolution or refresh rate whether there have been set too high. The LCD Screen Digitizer resolution is usually lower than the CRT display, if more than the best recommended by the manufacturers of resolution, then it is highly likely that there will be Huaping phenomenon.

Four: check the quality of the video card. If the replacement of the graphics card after the Huaping problem, while the use of the first, two strokes or not, then we must first check the graphics card anti-electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic shielding quality is clearance. The specific approach is: to have some possible electromagnetic interference components as far as possible away from the graphics card installation (such as hard disk), and then see Huaping has disappeared. If it is determined that the graphics card electromagnetic shielding function, however, then it is recommended to replace the graphics card, or homemade shield.

Five: If you use the above five strokes, or can not solve the problem, then it is likely that the LCD Screen Digitizer quality problems. Then this time it is recommended to replace the other monitors for testing.