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LCD Screen Digitizer Is Good Or Bad How To Identify?

LCD Screen Digitizer is good or bad how to identify?
Now the market LCD Screen Digitizer brand is very much, the quality is also uneven level, then how do we judge the quality of the screen is good or bad? Yiyi horizon for everyone to explain the skills under them.
LCD Screen Digitizer good or bad There is an important criterion for the LCD screen: that is the "bright spot" number. What is a bright spot? Is the LCD screen appears a continuous shiny, do not accept the extinguishing signal of the pixels, the line also known as the bit "dead pixels." Highlights are generally not easy to find, must be in the LCD Screen Digitizer full black screen to watch carefully to be found. In fact, in the manufacture of LCD panel process, excellent rate can not reach 100%, so the factory will have bright spots.
How to judge the LCD Screen Digitizer effect is good or bad? This is the common question of many consumers. In the selection, regardless of the LCD Screen Digitizer manufacturers put the product more beautiful, technical indicators and the actual performance of the screen are often not the same, so we still have to "seeing is real" the most important.
For some of the industrial touch screen products do not have much professional knowledge of the buyer, the easiest way is to feel the heart after the screen is very comfortable, is the best effect. If you look at the first time that the screen blurred, the font is unclear, eyes discomfort, the quality is certainly poor, need to think twice when buying!
    If you want a very professional separation of the LCD Screen Digitizer is good or bad, in fact, there are many steps, such as brightness and contrast, highlights, high and low temperature, life, viewing angle and other aspects of the analysis in order to draw a correct conclusion! Buy LCD screen digital instrument is not just look at the appearance, there are also introduced to the front of the industrial display how to choose? I hope everyone has to help.
With the ever-changing technology, LCD technology in the continuous development and progress. Today, LCD monitors have been basically popular, the price for the average consumer is also acceptable. LCD technology, the rapid development of many shortcomings have made considerable progress, LCD Screen Digitizer has also been widely used in all walks of life, become the most important display equipment in daily life. Today, a small excellent and everyone to a comprehensive interpretation of the LCD Screen Digitizer:
In the LCD Screen Digitizer, want to completely cover the white display black, is a very difficult thing, always or how many appear some light leakage phenomenon, and this is why in most of the night display can not show real Black reason.
All the LCD Screen Digitizer need some form of white backlight, as time goes by, backlight technology is also progressing. The purpose of the backlight is to have a higher brightness, more uniform illumination, and make the display smaller, thinner and lighter.
LCD screen is the initial use of CCFL backlight, and now has changed to LED backlight. In addition, some LCD screen has not only use the white backlight, and even through a specific color of LED backlight and white combination to achieve some more difficult purpose.
A variety of LCD Screen Digitizer has a common feature, is the use of the environment is extremely poor, only the temperature, for example, the application of LCD digital instrument from the tropical marine climate, dry climate to the continental continental climate, the temperature difference Ten degrees Celsius. So no matter what kind of environment directly use the LCD Screen Digitizer, should consider the harsh use of the environment. LCD Screen Digitizer to withstand the cold, high temperature, damp heat, vibration, shock, exposure, rain, sand dust, lightning test, and salt spray, mold, biological borer erosion and other effects.