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LCD Will Usher In A New Development Space

LCD mosaic screen has 1920x1080P of high resolution, and 700cd/m2 of high brightness, and 3,000:1 of high compared degrees, and 178 degrees wide perspective, and support 1080P full HD digital video displayed excellent of color performance, HD quality displayed; single on displayed level,, network really video conference to wants to meet reality size image displayed of effect and super high clarity of video image, LCD mosaic big screen natural on became has essential elements. This means, based on the popularity of telepresence video conferencing, LCD large screen splicing will be in the area of telepresence video conferencing access to a new space.
With network really video conference refinement application times of opened, application needs increasingly diversified, to maximum of meet industry user needs, LCD mosaic big screen manufacturers will provides custom of of solution programme as Emperor Ai Di do for commercial displayed solution programme of Chief suppliers can build not only is based on displayed level, but more full combined industry application background and video conference system, and according to user of specific needs of package personalized programme.