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LED Displays And LCD LCD Screen Which Good

LCD LCD screen according to the number of LCD panels can be divided into single-chip and three-two, modern LCD display with 3-LCD panels. Three-chip LCD display is in red, green, and blue three LCD panels as red, green and blue color control layer. Light source emitted white light through the lens of convergence to the dichroic mirror group after group, red light was separated first, onto the Red LCD Panel, LCD Panel "record" under the image of transparency information is projected to generate a red light in the image information.
Green light is projected onto the green on the LCD Panel, formed the green light in the image information, after blue LCD Panel, the same blue light blue light in the generated image information, gathered in three colors of light in a Prism, from the projection lens projection to form a full color image on a projection screen. Three piece than single-chip LCD display LCD display with higher picture quality and high brightness. LCD displays are smaller, lighter, simpler manufacturing process, high brightness and contrast, moderate resolution, LCD display now has a market share of about more than 70% per cent of the overall market share, is currently the highest market share, the most widely used screens.
LCD LCD screen has many advantages of a traditional CRT display technology that does not exist, providing clearer text display, and screen flicker, which can effectively reduce visual fatigue caused by long time watching screen. LCD display thickness does not exceed 10 inches, so if your desktop system with LCD technology will save more space. Despite the tempting of LCD monitor is unique, but it is undeniable that, compared with the main competitor of CRT monitors, LCD there are still inadequate in terms of quality of color display, in addition to wide price differences between the LCD remains a luxury enjoyed only by a minority of products.