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Mobile Phone LCD Screen

Mobile phone LCD screen can be divided into: STN, TFT screens, the screen screen UFB TFD screen, OLED screen. As the color becoming increasingly prevalent, cell phone screen materials are becoming more and more important. Phone color screens for LCD quality and technology in different variations, species generally have TFT, TFD, UFB, STN and OLED. Generally display more color display complex images, screen hierarchy is also more plentiful.
STN is the main component of early color, initially display only 256 colors, although technology can display 4096 and 65536 colors, but now the General STN 256 colors, the advantages are: low prices, low energy consumption.
TFT's brightness, contrast, layering, bright colors. Disadvantage is that more electricity, cost is very high.
UFB is designed specifically for mobile phones and PDA's screen, it features: Slim, high brightness. You can display 65536 colors, resolution 128x160 resolution can be achieved. UFB display is particularly grating design, you can reduce the pixel pitch, for better picture quality. UFB combines the advantages of STN and TFT: less power than TFT, STN and price.