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Physical Characteristics Of IPhone 5 LCD Digitizer

Physical Characteristics of iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer
iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is mainly based on liquid crystal materials as the basic components, which are divided into two kinds, one is solid, the other is the liquid composition of the liquid crystal. Solid crystals are characterized by mobility. Liquid mainly in accordance with the role of different forces in the direction of the two kinds of points should have different use of the effect. IPhone 5 LCD digital instrument in the liquid crystal molecules are composed of electronic structure, they are equipped with a strong electronic movement, so that the liquid crystal molecules by the role of external electric field, so as to more easily produce induced dipole Sex, which is the source of interaction between liquid crystal molecules. Liquid crystal molecules have the function and effect of refraction, liquid crystal in addition to the reaction of sticky, but also has a flexible reaction, their reaction will be applied to the external force, resulting in directional effect. And therefore iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer light into the liquid crystal material, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer will be arranged in accordance with the different ways of liquid crystal molecules, so as to achieve the natural deflection of the phenomenon. Liquid crystal molecules on the rotation of the light, so that the iPhone 5 LCD digital instrument to obtain bright and dark situation, and then reached the iPhone 5 LCD digital instrument imaging of different purposes. Will give us a different effect, this is the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer physical characteristics of the unique features!
IPhone 5 LCD digital screen surface looks like a solid black screen, in fact, this layer of the screen manufacturers will add a layer of special coating. The main function of this layer of special coating is to prevent users in the use of other light source by the reflective and glare, while strengthening the color of the iPhone 5 itself. When cleaning, do not be free to use any alkaline solution or chemical solution to wipe the screen surface. LCD panel stains are generally divided into two kinds, one is due to the accumulation of dust in the air, one is the user inadvertently left the fingerprints and oil.
Even so, the LCD product seams are still constantly breaking: 6.7,6.3,5.5 and the latest 5.3MM, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is also constantly improve their seam quality. 2013 infocommiPhone 5 LCD Digitizer product seams have basically been controlled to 6 mm below. LG exhibited 55-inch products, patchwork down to 5.3mm, and then create a narrowest liquid crystal products patchwork record, but also become one of the focus of industry attention.

In addition, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer manufacturers are also thinking about other "knock on the door", a better solution to the wall of the "black line" problem. Such as the use of a layer of special optical materials, and then let the original black seam position can display the "display unit" the side of the picture pixel drawing color. At the same time with this technology to achieve although it can not bridge the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer seams defects, but it can be in the integrated effect becomes more beautiful role.