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Select The LCD Screen Digitizer Should Pay Attention To The Parameters

Select the LCD Screen Digitizer should pay attention to the parameters
 1. Brightness: LCD Screen Digitizer itself is not light-emitting material, it is between the liquid and solid state, the need for other light sources can be light.

The earliest liquid crystal display is composed of two tubes up and down, with the development of science and technology, it has been popular to four lamps, and even six lamps. Four lamp design is divided into three kinds of display: one is the four sides have a lamp, but the shortcomings of the middle there will be shadows. The second is from top to bottom four lamp flat arrangement of the way, the last one is "U" type of display, in fact, two lights produced in disguise four lamp. Six lamp design is the actual use of three lamp, the manufacturers will be bent into three "U" type, and then placed in parallel to achieve the effect of six lamps.

2. Contrast: control IC, filters, and directional film and other accessories will affect the LCD screen digital instrument manufacturing when the contrast. In general, the contrast reaches 350: 1 is already possible. But if it is in some professional areas, only high-end LCD monitor can achieve high-contrast needs. Therefore, the choice of time, according to their own needs to buy for their own.
 3. Visual angle: LCD viewing angle has been troubled by everyone's problem. When the backlight through the polarizer, liquid crystal and orientation layer, the output of light also has a directional. Therefore, from a larger point of view when watching the LCD monitor, you can not see its original color, or even only see the whole white or all black. In order to solve this problem, people began to develop wide-angle technology, so far, the more popular technologies are TN + FILM, IPS (IN-PLANE -SWITCHING) and MVA (MULTI-DOMAIN VERTICAL alignMENT) these three.

4. Response time: Response time refers to the liquid crystal display for the input signal response speed, usually in milliseconds (ms) as a unit. For liquid crystal display, less than 40ms of the display will appear obvious "trailing" or "blur" phenomenon, people have a sense of chaos. If you want the image to reach the level of smooth, you need to reach 60 frames per second speed.
Water can be described as the LCD Screen Digitizer "natural enemies", in addition to try to avoid the LCD screen digital instrument while drinking drinks, eat fruit, but also should not be careful to keep the machine in the wet, serious moisture will damage the LCD internal Components. Particularly noteworthy is that in the winter and summer, access to a room with heating or air conditioning, the larger temperature difference will lead to "condensation phenomenon" occurs, the user at this time to the LCD power may also lead to corrosion of the LCD electrode, resulting in permanent Sexual damage. For this reason we also recommend that your ambient temperature change should not be greater than 10 ℃ / 10min. Once the screen water situation, if only in the boot before the screen surface fog, gently wipe with a soft cloth and then boot it. If the water has entered the LCD, the LCD should be placed in a warmer place, such as the lamp, the inside of the water gradually evaporate out. In the rainy season, we should also pay attention to regular operation for some time the LCD Screen Digitizer, in order to heat up the components to disperse the moisture, it is best to install the LCD Screen Digitizer bag put a small package of moisture-proof agent for it to create a good home.