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Talk About IPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Black Screen Splash Screen Reasons And How To Deal With!

Talk about iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer black screen splash screen reasons and how to deal with!
In today's society, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer everywhere, so that our lives more and more exciting, but also because of its rich colors such as performance in security monitoring, entertainment and other industries widely used, but if the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer black , Splash screen situation, will seriously affect the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer display. So, what is the reason for the black screen splash screen of the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer? What are the processing methods?
First, the reasons for the black screen is basically: power, adapter, board, and then the worst result of the screen is broken.
1, check the power: the performance of the panel button without any response, the indicator does not light, first with a multimeter meter measurement voltage, if no voltage or voltage becomes very low.
2, point source of a local problem. This is a common problem, usually burn insurance (rest assured) or regulator chip is faulty, some machines are built-in switching power supply, so we stop the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer play, to ensure that the voltage is stable The
3, the program is washed out may lead to no boot, it is like our computer can not open the machine, sometimes the reason for the software, which requires us to purchase software.
Second, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer screen flash situation is generally the following: power adapter damage, power supply instability, voltage instability, VGA line interface is not strong, or line damage.
The solution is: use the multimeter to detect the iPhone 5 Digitizer internal cable, find bad or short circuit, and replace the high-quality circuit cable. Check with the multimeter iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer screen power is grounded, the screen may be caused by this flashing, if there is a problem, the power can be grounded.
In recent years, with the advantages of iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer more and more outstanding, so that more and more users love and welcome. Many users buy iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer's home page is that it can be hung on the wall to save space. For the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer does not cause problems so need to maintain from time to time, but the wall of the iPhone 5 Digitizer is equivalent to fixed on the wall, not easy to maintain. So what are the skills to maintain the stand before buying it?
First, look at the use of maintenance materials before the stent
General use of materials can be divided into two, one is the use of iron, one with the alloy. Although the iron relative to the alloy in terms of quality is relatively heavy but most people are choosing iron frame. On the people's point of view it is more solid iron.
Second, look at the framework of the maintenance bracket is reasonable design
Because it is installed in the wall did not come into contact with the ground so it will be affected by the Earth's gravity, so the design is fully utilized when the mechanics of the principle to ensure that its finished products can be used. Each connection point of the bracket must be linked by a corner code, in addition to ensuring its safety, firmness and reliability while also easy to install and disassemble.
Third, look at the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer before the maintenance of the size of the bracket.
Under normal circumstances in the purchase of the bracket will be in accordance with the size of the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer first look at the business of the bracket. The smaller the size of the stent is not easily deformed during transportation and also reduces the cost of transportation.
Fourth, before buying the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer stent must see the bracket accessories are complete. Avoid the lack of accessories and increase the overhead, to avoid increasing the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer project time.