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Talk About The Four Major Issues When Using LCD Screen Digitizer!

Talk about the four major issues when using LCD Screen Digitizer!
As we all know, LCD Screen Digitizer by virtue of its many advantages of popular users and favor, become the best terminal display device. Although the LCD Screen Digitizer can be used continuously, the service life is relatively long, but improper use will still have an impact on its life and performance, so users can use the process of some simple and convenient maintenance work to extend the life guarantee its performance. So what do you need to pay attention to when using the LCD Screen Digitizer? Here on the small series for everyone to introduce it!
One: do not overload use
If the user must work for a long time, it is best to intermittently allow them to rest for a while, or often change the screen at different time intervals, at least in the waiting state to reduce the brightness, or its operation in the screen protection mode For a while, this little effort can not only delay the aging of the LCD screen, and can avoid hardware damage.
Two: encounter problems can not be self-assembly LCD Screen Digitizer
Since the transformer in the LCD background lighting assembly is still likely to come with a 1000V high voltage (although it is microcurrent) after a certain turn-off time, and if it is not handled by a professional person, it may cause a new component failure, which may cause the screen to become permanent Can not work.
Three: to avoid the LCD appears to be strongly shocked
LCD Screen Digitizer screen is very fragile and delicate, anti-impact ability is poor, even the latest product of its impact resistance is far less than CRTLCD Screen Digitizer. This is because the LCD contains a lot of precision glass components and agile and delicate electrical components, once subjected to strong impact will lead to LCD screen and other related components damage. So be sure to avoid a strong shock of the shock. So it is recommended that users develop good habits, do not point on the screen.
Four: wet is the taboo of LCD Screen Digitizer
LCD Screen Digitizer internal design is very sophisticated, once the environment due to environmental oxidation caused by corrosion caused by short-circuit phenomenon will give users a huge economic losses. So be careful not to let any liquid or moisture enter the LCD Screen Digitizer, while avoiding prolonged use in warmer environments. In the absence of removal of moisture do not let LCD power work, or easily lead to corrosion of the LCD electrode, resulting in LCD permanent damage.
Today, LCD Screen Digitizer's flexible stitching design is increasingly used in a wide range of applications, making it a variety of rules and irregular shapes in the minds of people to show colorful pictures and attract the attention of visitors. For the stitch display manufacturers, profiled stitching is nothing new, many manufacturers have long been involved in the technology, but because a few years ago the technology is not very mature and limited by the traditional application areas, stitching effect and the number of applications are unsatisfactory The Today, the stitching technology has made rapid progress in the exhibition, advertising media, entertainment and other new areas of the expansion of the application has also made great progress, which makes the alien splicing glow with new vitality, but also once again the attention of manufacturers. In recent years, stitching display technology on the one hand toward the light, thin direction, on the other hand stressed the stability and flexibility. We see the current LCD-led stitching display products can be achieved any upside down position, rotation, to any level, vertical angle tilt and stitching, which makes it easier to shape profiled stitching. Shaping splicing will be in the show rental and exhibition industry will be faster development, in the entertainment, the media of these pursuit of fashion and peculiar, need to bring people to the novel visual experience of the industry sought after. Demand decision direction, with the LCD Screen Digitizer display products in-depth, profiled stitching will become another application of new hot spots.