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Talk About The Impact Of Winter Temperatures On The IPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer!

It is well known that the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer has a direct impact on the life and productivity of the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer. Therefore, the use and storage of the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer have a temperature range. Once the temperature exceeds the established temperature, the LCD material will lose its liquid crystal state. Work even damage the device. With the stitching technology in China's various industries in the application of more and more widely. Can be the winter temperature will be lower and lower, the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer the normal use of a great impact on different temperatures, how should the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer maintenance? The following with the splicing screen Xiaobian a Get up and see!
In general, iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer work humidity is maintained at 20% -80% better, 0-40 degrees Celsius temperature is appropriate; in a ventilated environment can improve the life of large-screen optical equipment bulbs. The thermochromic liquid crystal used by the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer is derived from changes in temperature and its photoelectric effect is controlled by temperature. If the temperature is not within its operating temperature range, it is equal to the electric field control without photoelectric effect , So there are various problems, so the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer the working environment temperature is also to always pay attention to the proposed low temperature or too high environment to install air conditioning to maintain the temperature between 25 degrees 26 degrees, in order to fully guarantee The temperature of the use of LCD splicing wall.
In the winter, the temperature in many parts of the North is often below zero degrees Celsius, iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer do maintenance Note:
1, iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer working humidity maintained at 20% to 80% is better, it is recommended not to use in the damp environment or open air environment.
2, when the temperature is very low, will affect the normal use of iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer, generally lower than minus 30 degrees Celsius, the proposed temporary stop using; of course take other measures such as the installation of air conditioning in the box, etc., can also ensure the normal use The
3, the LCD large-screen optical equipment into a ventilated environment, improve the large-screen optical equipment, lamp life.
The current commercial large-screen market, iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer has become a real mainstay, a wide range of applications, much favored by industry users. The current iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer market, the brand variety, individual enterprises in order to be able to stand out in the fierce competition in the market, playing the economy card, and marketing gimmicks constantly, shoddy. So, what are some of the common problems with the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer? What are the solutions? Here with the Hefei splicing screen Xiaobian for everyone to introduce it!
Question 1: iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer display image distortion, distortion distortion
This is the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer daily applications often occur in a problem, the device itself is not standardized, may be the input signal due to cable attenuation, impedance mismatch or transmission cable BNC head production is not standardized and other reasons led to the input signal Far below the industry standard, or the output of the camera is not standardized or access to some non-standard access equipment led to the input signal amplitude is much larger than the established standard; because of external interference, the video signal in the transmission process is susceptible to various types of interference , And even the front-end equipment, control the host device and the potential difference between the terminal equipment will also cause interference to the video signal, resulting in distortion of the video image distortion.
Solution: industry users in the purchase of iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer must choose a formal brand products, should not seek cheap, so that the practical value of large-screen display system greatly reduced, and, iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer installation to take into account the signal Interference factors, as far as possible away from the electromagnetic interference source.
Question 2: iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer black screen, Huaping phenomenon
Practical applications, the black screen is also iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer often encounter a problem, and the reasons for this failure there are many aspects. If you want to solve this problem, it is necessary to determine the "root cause", generally from the following steps to start: first check the power of the panel, including the power supply problem, power board problems, screen problems, backlight problems, industry users If you want to solve this problem, iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer various power plugs, wiring is normal, if everything is normal, we must check the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer internal circuit problems, with universal meter detection, if there is no voltage or voltage is very low, there may be power Board problems, if the above two checks have failed to solve the problem, there may be a screen line problems or backlight life to the limit, the need for professional technical staff for maintenance.
Solution: industry users first to check whether the graphics card overclocked, if it is, the screen will appear irregular, intermittent stripes, then you need to reduce the frequency of overclocking; Secondly, if there is "clutter", "miscellaneous Point "shaped Huaping may be because the screen body and the video card connection loosely; Moreover, it may be because it is not compatible with the graphics card driver, or graphics card itself quality problems. In addition, the iPhone 6 Plus LCD Digitizer resolution or refresh rate set too high may also lead to the emergence of Huaping phenomenon.