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Talk About The IPhone 5 LCD Digitizer And LCD TV Three Major Differences!

Now, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer in China's application is very extensive, and gradually occupy the domestic market, in our lives can be seen everywhere in the industry shine. We all know that the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer can be used as a monitor alone, but also able to splice into a large screen use, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer to bring people colorful life. So what is the difference between the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer and the LCD TV? Here with the splicing screen Xiaobian together to see it!
One, constitute a different way
iPhone 5 Digitizer form of sensitive, in different use of the place, its size can not be the same, both to select all the big screen size), but also to select the size of a single panel, the size of the user according to the needs of the scale Custom, the use of sensitive. Usually in the use of the project more. LCD TV is just a whole piece of the LCD panel, can not be stitching, but the scale can be selected. Sensitive function is not so good. Suitable home use.
Second, the function is not the same
iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is very long, is three times as much as LCD TV, and its rich color, durable features, late maintenance costs, clarity is very high, rich color.As it is composed of a number of panels , So the screen will have splicing gap, but the current market on the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer gap usually does not affect the role of LCD TV by a whole panel composition, its all the better, but its display is not as good as iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is clear, and the color is lacking, the color is not rich enough, the durability is not iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer strong, and its longevity usually only one third of the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer.
Third, the LCD TV panel and iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer panel is not the same, used for LCD splicing of the panel than the LCD TV panel technology to high. With the LCD TV screen made of iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer play high brightness of the screen obviously not like, in the high brightness of the screen color, the level of significant distortion. In addition, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer will be the most outstanding high-definition, high brightness and high color gamut LCD technology, embedded hardware stitching technology, multi-screen image processing technology, signal switching technology into one, Brightness, high definition, low power, high life, advanced iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer system. iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is a new large-screen mosaic way, which can be infinitely spliced.
Society in the development of science and technology have been constantly innovative. Now, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer the emergence of various industries in China shine, play an important role. Its presence in our lives, so that our lives colorful, by the people's love and affirmation, the purchase of the crowd is also increasing, the demand is growing. So, how does the iPhone 5 Digitizer differ? Here with the Hefei splicing screen Xiaobian together to see it!
First, look at the LCD panel, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer what kind of panel is very important, it directly affects the performance of LCD splicing products and service life, but also affect the customer's brand and brand reputation.
Second, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer brightness, it is a measure of iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is a very important indicator, the brighter LCD screen exceptionally eye-catching. LCDiPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is a solid and liquid before the material, which itself is not light, and its brightness is behind the panel to achieve the backlight, so the number of lamps related to the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer brightness.
Third, look at the contrast, which is a measure of iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer an important indicator, when we watch the scene of the characters when the game, from the contrast can show contrast level.
Fourth, look at work, good iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer product must pay attention to detail, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer machine in the production process, excellent manufacturers must pay attention to every detail, through the control of each component to ensure that the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer quality.
Fifth, look at the viewing angle, with the progress of LCD technology, LCD screen with the viewing angle has reached more than 178 degrees, to achieve the absolute perspective of the effect.