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Talk About The IPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Four Key Skills!

Talk about the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer four key skills!
With the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer figure appeared in our lives, not only to bring us a colorful life, but also greatly improve the visual experience for our various industries played a catalytic role. The iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer because of long hours of work is very easy to make some pixels overheating, once beyond the limit will lead to permanent damage, which formed a often said "dead pixels." So, how does the iPhone 5 Digitizer "prevent the dead spots"?
One, do not overload the use of excessive. As the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer pixel is composed of liquid crystal, so when the continuous work at full capacity for more than 96 hours, it will accelerate its aging, even when the serious burned. Therefore, if the user must work for a long time, it is best to intermittently allow it to rest for a while, or often at different intervals to change the screen display content, in the waiting state to reduce the brightness, or let it in the screen protection mode Under the operation for a while, this little effort can not only delay the aging of the LCD screen, and can avoid hardware damage.
Second, do not self-assembly. Once the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is not working properly can find manufacturers to help solve. As the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer backlight components in the transformer in the shutdown after a certain period of time may still have a high voltage of 1000V (although micro-current), rather than the professional if the poor handling may cause new components failure.
Third, do not damage the screen. iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is very fragile and delicate, poor impact resistance. This is because the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer contains a lot of precision glass components and agile and elegant electrical components, once a strong impact will lead to iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer screen and other related components damage. So be sure to avoid a strong shock of the shock. At the same time, but also be careful not to iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer screen surface pressure, such as finger pointing screen a certain part of the screen, which is very easy to cause dead pixels increase the move.
Fourth, maintenance and maintenance. If you find that the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer surface has dirt, you should use the exact method to remove the dirt. The medium used is preferably a soft, non-fibrous material, such as absorbent cotton, lens paper or soft cloth, and then gently wipe it with a little glass cleaner, prohibit the use of a chemical solution such as alcohol, Of cloth or paper items, because such substances are prone to scratches. Here to remind everyone is not to clean the economy directly to the surface of the screen, it is easy to flow into the screen which led to iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer screen internal short circuit failure, resulting in unnecessary losses.
This is the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer daily applications often a problem, the device itself is not standardized, may be the input signal due to cable attenuation, impedance mismatch or transmission cable BNC head production is not standardized and other reasons led to the input signal far Lower than the industry standard, or the output of the camera is not standardized or access to some non-standard access equipment led to the input signal amplitude is much larger than the established standard; because the outside interference, the video signal in the transmission process is susceptible to various types of interference, Even the front-end equipment, control the host device and the terminal device potential difference between the potential of the video signal will cause interference, resulting in distortion of the video image distortion.
Industry users in the purchase of iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer must choose a regular brand products, should not seek cheap, so as not to big screen display system greatly reduced the practical value, and, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer installation to take into account the signal interference factors, as far as possible away Electromagnetic wave interference source.