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Talk About The LCD Screen Digitizer Four Key Techniques!

With the LCD Screen Digitizer figure appeared in our lives, not only brought us a colorful life, but also greatly improve the visual experience for our various industries played a catalytic role. The LCD Screen Digitizer because of long hours of work is very easy to make some pixels overheating, once beyond the limit will lead to permanent damage, which formed a often said "dead pixels." How does the LCD Screen Digitizer "prevent the point"? Here with the splicing screen Xiaobian together to see it!
One, do not overload the use of excessive. As the LCD Screen Digitizer pixel is composed of liquid crystal, so when the full load for more than 96 hours of work, it will accelerate its aging, even when the serious burn. Therefore, if the user must work for a long time, it is best to intermittently allow it to rest for a while, or often at different intervals to change the screen display content, in the waiting state to reduce the brightness, or let it in the screen protection mode Under the operation for a while, this effort can not only delay the LCD Screen Digitizer aging, and can avoid hardware damage.
Second, do not self-assembly. Once the LCD Screen Digitizer is not working properly, manufacturers can help solve the problem. Since the transformer in the LCD Screen Digitizer backlight assembly is still capable of with a 1000V high voltage (although it is micro-current) after a certain period of time after shutdown, it is possible for a professional person to cause a new failure of the component if it is not handled properly.
Third, do not damage the screen. LCD Screen Digitizer is very fragile and delicate, poor impact resistance. This is because the LCD Screen Digitizer contains a lot of precision glass components and agility of the electrical components, once a strong impact will lead to LCD Screen Digitizer screen and other related components damage. So be sure to avoid a strong shock of the shock. Also, be careful not to put pressure on the LCD Screen Digitizer screen surface, such as finger pointing to a certain part of the screen, which is very easy to cause dead pixels increase the move.
Fourth, maintenance and maintenance. If the surface of the LCD Screen Digitizer is found to be soiled, the dirt should be removed using an accurate method. The medium used is preferably a soft, non-fibrous material, such as absorbent cotton, lens paper or soft cloth, and then gently wipe it with a little glass cleaner, prohibit the use of a chemical solution such as alcohol, Of cloth or paper items, because such substances are prone to scratches. Here to remind you that the clean economy should not be directly sprayed to the surface of the screen, it is easy to flow to the screen inside the LCD Screen Digitizer screen internal short circuit failure, resulting in unnecessary losses.
As we all know, LCD Screen Digitizer use is very simple, that is, hanging and easy to install. The reason why this is due to the role of the front maintenance bracket, and LCD Screen Digitizer front maintenance bracket is a LCD stitching wall mounting bracket, is a kind of installation process can be extended horizontally, after installation can shrink back to the scalability Stent. So what should I do with the LCD Screen Digitizer before the maintenance bracket is installed? What are the buying tips? Here with the splicing screen Xiaobian together to see it!
LCD Screen Digitizer The front maintenance bracket is usually divided into manual front maintenance bracket, hydraulic front bracket, electric front maintenance bracket three kinds, according to the installation method is divided into the wall before the maintenance bracket, rack front maintenance bracket and floor maintenance bracket.
First, as a new LCD Screen Digitizer installation, the front maintenance bracket must have the following characteristics:
1, each splicing unit can be free positive pop and recovery, full front installation and maintenance;
2, the framework is thin, reflecting the LCD Screen Digitizer "thin" features;
3, splicing screen before and after / around / level can be fine-tuning, so that the surface of the stitching smooth and beautiful;
4, the use of simple and convenient, no special custom, can be any splicing.
Second, select the LCD Screen Digitizer front maintenance bracket tips:
1. Material: good material to ensure long-term use without deformation.
2. Structure: scientific structure designed to facilitate the adjustment of patchwork size, but also conducive to the installation.
3. Adaptability: Select the front maintenance bracket must be combined with the site selection whether the wall and so on.