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Talk About The LCD Screen Digitizer Wall Installation Environment Specific Requirements!

Talk about the LCD Screen Digitizer wall installation environment specific requirements!
With the development of LCD Screen Digitizer more and more widely, LCD Screen Digitizer installation is not the same as ordinary display devices, just a simple one on the installed. It is well known that the narrower the price, the higher the price, so it is not only careful to choose the installation site, but also need to pay attention to the installation environment around the light, but also need to pay attention to wiring, but also for the framework also requires. So what are the requirements for the installation environment?
Installation of the ground requirements of the formation of strong, strong bearing, not easy to deformation. LCD splicing curtain wall behind the repair channel within the maintenance channel width is generally not less than 0.60 meters, have a good temperature control and cooling measures. If the central air conditioning should be air conditioning into the outlet, if there is no central air conditioning, should be added special air conditioning, air conditioning power size depending on the size of large screen. Large screen room requires better temperature and humidity control.
Working temperature is 0 ℃ -40 ℃, relative humidity 10% -90%. LCD Screen Digitizer should avoid direct sunlight, shade with curtains, curtains should be dark. LCD splicing curtain wall room requirements to keep clean, dustproof. Fire spray nozzle as far as possible away from the mosaic wall, and use spray fire extinguishing agent.
It is well known that the LCD Screen Digitizer has a direct impact on the life and efficiency of the LCD Screen Digitizer. Therefore, both the use and storage have a temperature range. Once the temperature exceeds the established temperature, the liquid crystal material will lose its liquid crystal state, Damage the device. With the stitching technology in China's various industries in the application of more and more widely. Can go to the winter temperature will be lower and lower, the LCD Screen Digitizer the normal use of a great impact, at different temperatures, how should the LCD Screen Digitizer maintenance?
In general, LCD Screen Digitizer operating humidity is maintained at 20% -80% is better, 0-40 degrees Celsius temperature is appropriate; in a ventilated environment can improve the life of large-screen optical equipment bulbs. LCD screen Digitizer used thermotropic liquid crystal is derived from the temperature changes, and its photoelectric effect by temperature control, if the temperature is not within the temperature range, it is equal to get rid of the electric field control without photoelectric effect, which There are various problems, so the LCD Screen Digitizer the working environment temperature is to always pay attention to the proposed low temperature or too high environment to install air conditioning to maintain the temperature between 25 degrees 26 degrees, in order to fully guarantee the LCD splicing wall Operating temperature.
In winter, the temperature in many parts of the North is often below zero degrees Celsius, LCD Screen Digitizer do maintenance Note:
1, LCD Screen Digitizer work humidity maintained at 20% to 80% is preferred, it is recommended not to use in the damp environment or open air environment.
2, when the temperature is very low, will affect the normal use of LCD Screen Digitizer, generally lower than minus 30 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to temporarily stop using; of course take other measures such as installation in the box air conditioning, etc., can also ensure the normal use.
3, the LCD large-screen optical equipment into a ventilated environment, improve the large-screen optical equipment, lamp life.
LCD Screen Digitizer is very fragile and delicate, poor impact resistance. This is because the LCD Screen Digitizer contains a lot of precision glass components and agility of the electrical components, once a strong impact will lead to LCD Screen Digitizer screen and other related components damage. So be sure to avoid a strong shock of the shock. Also, be careful not to put pressure on the LCD Screen Digitizer screen surface, such as finger pointing to a certain part of the screen, which is very easy to cause dead pixels increase the move.