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The Development Of The Era Of Technology To Increase The Amount Of LCD Screen Digitizer

The development of the era of technology to increase the amount of LCD Screen Digitizer
Technology products are "after the waves push the waves, before the waves died on the beach." Sweeping the world's Kodak film is the best example of the demise. If the enterprise can not be vigilant, catch up with advanced enterprises if you can seize the opportunity to successfully transition will usher in the beautiful spring. Such as the security industry as a technology industry product replacement fast, business transformation is both an opportunity and a challenge, if you do not seize the opportunity may be from the infinite landscape into a flourishing and even decline in the line. LCD Screen Digitizer monitor has developed into a LCD Screen Digitizer LCD Screen Digitizer-oriented multi-function LCD display splicing system, already has ultra-brightness, ultra-clear, super contrast, super long life, ultra-narrow and arbitrary Combination of LCD Screen Digitizer splicing system.
    The global LCD Screen Digitizer market demand for nearly two years have maintained an annual increase of about 30%, of which the Chinese market is particularly prominent. Computer technology, Internet technology, video surveillance technology development, so that the LCD Screen Digitizer user groups from the professional control room, such as: electricity, telecommunications, finance and other industries, towards urban rail transit, urban management, energy, environmental protection and government , Such as production monitoring, logistics monitoring, highway monitoring, urban security monitoring and other video surveillance-based applications, but also GIS, GPS widely used and IP video technology continues to develop today, the development of high- Constantly pushing the new LCD Screen Digitizer application requirements.
    With the continuous improvement of user needs, the picture is more clear and delicate, splicing gap smaller LCD Screen Digitizer stitching technology have emerged, a greater degree of user satisfaction to meet the individual needs. The advantages of the LCD screen are thin, light weight, low energy consumption, long life, no radiation, etc., although the splicing system patchwork wide, but its high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation, high resolution, fine picture Of the outstanding performance to make up for the lack of now has become a big screen splicing products of the rising star.
    Short-term DLP rear projection of the dominant position can not be changed, LCD growth faster, DLP has been the dominant position to form a strong challenge. The future large-screen mosaic market competition pattern will be a long-term, gradual changes in the process, which will become the main driving force of the industry chain, the development of industrial chain power, affecting the product technology improvements and upgrades, but also to promote the cost Reduce, but also will determine the system vendor camp contrast.
    In the price, the plasma (PDP) splicing curtain wall prices higher, generally one square meter price up to tens of thousands; DLP splicing screen prices in the middle. LCD Screen Digitizer reasonable price is widely welcomed. Through the efforts of technical staff, LCD splicing gap this problem has been partially resolved, the current momentum of development is better.
    In the function, the LCD Screen Digitizer in the flat panel display technology thriving, its thin thickness, light weight, low energy consumption, long life, no radiation and other advantages and key performance indicators of outstanding performance, has made it the mainstream of development, fight The seam is wide and its biggest drawback.
    As the LCD Screen Digitizer application environment, the system should be easy to diagnose the fault and replace the parts to shorten the maintenance time, which requires the system should try to use modular, intelligent design to achieve easy maintenance; due to large screen splicing products The environment is more stringent, many areas need 24 hours of continuous work, the system's high reliability is particularly important, such as its working life, system stability, color and brightness attenuation, thermal performance, anti-burns and other requirements Than the general civilian products put forward a higher standard requirements.