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The Digital Display Of LCD Screen Digitizer Is Collected At The Time Of Calibration

The digital display of LCD Screen Digitizer is collected at the time of calibration

When we conduct point-by-point calibration of LCD Screen Digitizer devices, we will experience three steps: raw data acquisition, calibration data generation, and driver control. The next thing we need to understand is the data collection of the digital LCD Screen Digitizer.

The original data collection is the first step of the point-by-point correction, a basic step and a difficult one. According to the acquisition parameters, there are two kinds of brightness data and chromaticity data. According to the collection objects, it can be divided into module level acquisition, box level collection and full-screen subregional collection; According to the collection points, can be divided into the former factory to collect and use the user site collection;

From the point of view of the technology and the tools, it can be divided into the following directions:

1. Mechanical luminosity probe: the number of light points per lamp is collected by means of the control of the mechanical transmission device. The advantage of this method is that the accuracy is high, but the field correction is not feasible.

Digital camera: using digital camera to image grayscale data on lamp points to achieve point-by-point correction is the current cheap acquisition solution. The advantage of digital camera scheme is that the equipment is cheap and easy. The disadvantages are low accuracy and poor stability.

3. Based on the distribution of brightness color CCD measuring instrument: such instruments of research and development with rapid growth of the global flat-panel display industry, the use of imaging luminance measurement principle, can be efficient for imaging plane any area of brightness chromaticity values. This kind of equipment has high precision, good stability, good correction, but relatively high price.

About LCD Screen Digitizer frame by proofreading knowledge is the timing of data collection, if you still want to know about calibration data generation, drive control knowledge can continue to focus on us or directly to consult us.

In the process of we use LCD Screen Digitizer, may encounter the problem of black screen, there are several reasons lead to a blank screen, power supply is one of the ways, here let us see the prevention LCD Screen Digitizer black screen method for power.

1) establish the quality standard, send the original 100 power supply 1-2 spare parts, the promotion is: the shipment failure rate is less than three thousand. (common standards in the communications industry)

2) improve the design parameters, improve the efficiency of power supply, meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection; For example: full load efficiency, reduce ripple, reduce temperature rise, retain more than 30% power redundancy.

3) implement strict production management, improve the production process and guarantee the batch consistency of products.

4) in order to ensure the stability of the LCD Screen Digitizer device, the power related functions are added to ensure that the screen is never black. For example, the power supply products with the flow function of chenglian parallel flow can realize the on-site maintenance without maintenance, and greatly improve the reliability of the power supply of the LCD Screen Digitizer digitizing instrument. The smart power supply of Moses will automatically report the fault when the screen power fails, and other power sources will compensate accordingly to ensure that the screen is not black.

About prevention from the aspects of power supply LCD Screen Digitizer black screen method is that, hope the above knowledge can help to everyone, and everyone in the choice of when must pay attention to the quality of the products.