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The Right Way To Use The IPhone 6S Plus

The right way to use the iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone 6S Plus is widely used in many places, and the electronics industry generally USES it almost everywhere. So everyone in the use of these products must especially pay attention to the right way to use it, as we all know, liquid crystal is a substance between solid and liquid, itself is not illuminated, need a have to additional light source. Therefore, the number of bulbs relates to the brightness of LCD displays. So, how to effectively use iPhone 6S Plus? Here are a few things to help you:

1. The screen of iPhone 6S Plus is made of glass. Do not give mechanical shock, such as falling from height. If the display is damaged, internal liquid crystal leakage, do not let it enter the mouth. Wash with soap and water quickly if you touch your clothes or skin.

2. If the LCD module works long and displays the same pattern, the pattern will remain on the screen like a phantom and there will be a slight contrast. If you want to get back to normal work, you can stop using it for a while. It is worth noting that this phenomenon does not adversely affect the reliability of performance.

3. In order to reduce the generation of static electricity, do not carry out assembly and other work in the dry environment, the LCD module has a membrane protecting the display screen. Be careful when tearing off the protective film, because it may generate static electricity.

4. Minimize corrosion of the electrode. The current of water droplets, moisture condensation or high temperature environment can accelerate the electrode corrosion.

5. At low temperature, liquid crystal solidification can lead to directional defects or bubbles. When the liquid crystal module is subjected to intense vibration at low temperature, it also produces bubbles.

6. Do not be properly grounded on the surface of the display or on the surface.

Here are some of the best things you can do to help you get the iPhone 6S Plus right. Remember that! Be sure to pay attention to the above points when you use them.

1. Analysis of trend characteristics of iPhone 6S Plus and main supporting materials industry. Based on the analysis of the development of the iPhone 6S Plus and the main supporting materials industry, the characteristics of the future iPhone 6S Plus and the main supporting materials industry are summarized.

2. Forecast iPhone 6S Plus and major supporting material industry market capacity and change. Comprehensive analysis of the forecast period the iPhone 6 s Plus and main auxiliary materials industry production technology, product structure adjustment, to predict the iPhone 6 s Plus and main auxiliary materials industry demand structure, quantity, and its change trend.

3. Forecast changes in market prices of iPhone 6S Plus and major supporting materials industry. The price of the inputs and the sale price of the products are directly related to the profit level of the enterprise. Speculation in commodity prices, should fully study the change of labor productivity, production cost, profit, the trend of the development of the market supply and demand, monetary value and the change of currency in circulation and the influence of national economic policy on commodity prices.

4. Forecast iPhone 6S Plus and major supporting material industry production and development and its changing trends. The forecast of the production development and its tendency of change is the forecast of the supply quantity and the change trend of the market.