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This Is The IPhone 6S Plus Daily Applications Often A Problem

This is the iPhone 6S Plus daily applications often a problem
The current commercial big screen market, iPhone 6S Plus has become a real mainstay, a wide range of applications, much favored by industry users. The current iPhone 6S Plus market, the brand variety, individual enterprises in order to be able to compete in the fierce market competition, big fight economic brand, and marketing gimmicks continue to shoddy. So, iPhone 6S Plus common some of the failure of what? What are the solutions?
Question 1: iPhone 6S Plus display image distortion, distortion distortion
This is the iPhone 6S Plus daily applications often a problem, the device itself is not standardized, may be the input signal due to cable attenuation, impedance mismatch or transmission cable BNC head production is not standardized and other reasons led to the input signal is very low In the industry standard, or the output of the camera is not standardized or access to some non-standard access equipment led to the input signal amplitude is much larger than the established standard; because of external interference, the video signal in the transmission process is susceptible to various types of interference, In the front-end equipment, control the host device and the potential difference between the terminal equipment will also interfere with the video signal, resulting in distortion of the video image distortion.
Solution: industry users in the purchase of iPhone 6S Plus must choose a formal brand products, should not seek cheap, so that the practical value of large-screen display system greatly reduced, and, iPhone 6S Plus installation to take into account the signal interference factors, as far as possible Keep away from electromagnetic interference sources.
Question 2: iPhone 6S Plus black screen, Huaping phenomenon
Practical applications, the black screen is also iPhone 6S Plus often encounter a problem, and the reasons for this failure there are many aspects. If you want to solve this problem, it is necessary to determine the "root cause", generally from the following steps to start: first check the power of the panel, including the power supply problem, power board problems, screen problems, backlight problems, industry users If you want to solve this problem, iPhone 6S Plus the various power plugs, wiring is normal, if everything is normal, it is necessary to check the iPhone 6S Plus internal circuit problems, with universal meter detection, if there is no voltage or voltage is very low, there may be a power board problems, If the above two checks have failed to solve the problem, there may be a screen line problems or backlight life to the limit, the need for professional technical staff for maintenance.
Solution: industry users first to check whether the graphics card overclocked, if it is, the screen will appear irregular, intermittent stripes, then you need to reduce the frequency of overclocking; Secondly, if there is "clutter", "miscellaneous Point "shaped Huaping may be because the screen body and the video card connection loosely; Moreover, it may be because it is not compatible with the graphics card driver, or graphics card itself quality problems. In addition, iPhone 6S Plus resolution or refresh rate set too high may also lead to the emergence of Huaping phenomenon.
Question 3: iPhone 6S Plus image display is not clear
In general, you can first check the resolution of the signal source and display the resolution of the terminal is consistent, and then check the video signal system is compatible with the display terminal, if not meet the requirements can be identified by the exchange after the conversion device to achieve, In addition, it is necessary to check whether the bandwidth of the distributor and the matrix switcher and the impedance of the signal source can make the loss of the image within the range of the standard distance. Finally, it is necessary to see whether the focus and aggregation of the display device are normal and whether the signal processing circuit good.
In short, to avoid some fault problems, in the purchase of iPhone 6S Plus, to establish a big sense. iPhone 6S Plus many of the application problems, mainly around the equipment itself, the quality of the installation and maintenance operations properly, also said that excellent product quality and professional installation and maintenance is a powerful application of effective protection, regardless of product quality or Professional installation and maintenance services are provided, are the major brands of the unique advantages, therefore, industry users in the purchase of products must establish a big sense. For long-term interests, users in the purchase must not blindly pursue low prices and the trend, but to consider the comprehensive cost.