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Ultra-thin Design Of The IPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Instrument Several Major Advantages

Ultra-thin design of the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer instrument several major advantages
      In recent years, the domestic large-screen splicing market, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer instrument of the sudden emergence of the industry has become a major bright spot. iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer technology, as a new large-screen application technology category, its unique characteristics are changing the traditional stitching display market application pattern of great power. To take out the monitoring room, into the business center for the characteristics of the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer display products are more and more widely within the scope of the traditional DLP mosaic wall can not do all kinds of miracles.
Ultra-thin to win more market opportunities
Transportation, finance, government, military, police, energy, electricity, etc., the traditional DLP mosaic wall has been in many high-end areas deep down the root: product stability, high picture consistency characteristics, and professional product areas for continuous use, Demanding stability characteristics, so that DLP can have sufficient reason to chew the early years of market accumulation.
In the face of such a situation, the emerging iPhone 5 LCD Digitizerizer how to do it in the seams of this key technical indicators are also significantly behind the case, only to play their own strengths, shielding their own weaknesses in order to rule the enemy to win. And what is the strength of the flat it? Of course, is the ultra-thin volume.
It is understood that the thickness of the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer can be easily controlled at 20 to 30 cm, which makes DLP splicing technology easily half a meter to one meter of the thickness can not match. While this advantage is not so valuable for customers with rich spatial resources, such as traffic command centers, for customers who rearrange TV wall in "common" space, the amount of office space rents for commercial markets is higher Customers, for those who have basic planning indoor space applications, there is a need to increase the display wall of the customer, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer ultra-thin is particularly valuable.
In fact, in a large number of commercial markets, exhibition display market and public space applications, space occupancy is a huge cost and visual dissonance factors, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is by virtue of its flat ultra-thin features , In these areas to win a DLP simply "squeeze" does not come in the living space.
"Four consistent" LCD corner splicing to conquer the world
Compared with the traditional DLP splicing products, the liquid crystal display unit also has a special "outstanding" advantage, that is, can be any upside down position, rotation, to any horizontal, vertical angle tilt and stitching.
DLP splicing unit is a typical structure of the lower part of a belly light machine, the upper part is the tilt of the screen. In the project, the center position at the bottom, while the majority of the internal structure of the product also decided, DLP unit should not be rotated to install. This is in sharp contrast to the characteristics of the liquid crystal unit that can be mounted at any angle and tilted.
For the installation of a specific angle, the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer project is a common case of 30 to 60 degrees angle of the tilt stitching. This installation can be applied to the ladder, stairs and other tilt up the channel position. Or 16: 9 display unit optional 90 degrees, vertical installation. This splicing method can produce some peculiar effects in some exhibitions, studio backdrops, digital signage and even small and medium sized control rooms, which have a wide range of applications.
Lightly lead to dexterity, cumbersome lead to sluggish