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Updated Apple Wireless Keyboard And Display The Import LED Backlit

Apple Yu territory line Shang store began provides new wireless keyboard products, and previously launched version compared words, new wireless keyboard in F5, and F6 press increased brightness adjustment function, displayed will import LED backlight function, while in right discs machine exit key part also will by host power press replaced (as Enter press outside type configuration and United States, and Taiwan area different, is is because European area usually used l Word Enter press design).
Is still not sure if Apple will continue in the near future in the world offering the new wireless keyboard, the current United States, Apple's online store has been maintained in Taiwan to provide older versions, also not sure whether it will work with previous versions have a different feel.
In addition, Apple has announced the launch of a 12-inch MacBook apart from the imported brand new brand new Butterfly body the keyboard, but also with the new trackpad design, and the same design was used in the new MacBookPro. Therefore, if the updated wireless keyboard, perhaps further updated its MagicTrackpad of products, making it more sensitive touch and can properly use the four corners according to the operating function.

Exhibition Center: The Hong Kong Asia World-Expo(Near the Hong Kong airport)

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Date: October 18th-21st, 2015
Exhibition Center: The Hong Kong Asia World-Expo Mobile Electronics
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