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What Are The Advantages Of The IPhone 5 LCD Digitizer For The Conference Room?

What are the advantages of the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer for the conference room?

In the daily work, the meeting of the display device, many people first thought of the projector, but the projector shows the picture quality is not so clear, bright, short life, easy to bad, not achieve the desired effect of the user, IPhone 5 LCD digitalizer compared with, there are too many advantages, iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer is a set of graphic editing, animation, audio, video integration of automatic projection equipment for the modern conference room to create a meeting atmosphere, To achieve efficient communication and interaction, enhance the content of the conference publicity, to achieve the conference room information, automation.

General meeting room includes multi-functional conference room, academic exchange conference hall, multi-functional international conference hall, modern training room, command room and other functions of the integration, iPhone 5 LCD digital instrument produced to meet the needs of modern conference room, while LCD splicing program is also the most important part of the modern conference room.

Electronic iPhone 5 LCD digital instrument with high quality color resolution, brightness can be intelligent adjustment, color saturation, automatic temperature control and other functions at the same time with low power consumption, no radiation, dust, moisture, seismic performance, according to the user Input signal requirements, select a different video processing system, to achieve a variety of signal switching, splicing into full-screen display, any combination of display, image stretch display, image roaming display, image overlay display. In addition, multiple input and output interfaces ensure that the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer features greater compatibility and flexibility, and greater meet the different needs of different content.

iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer In addition to the number of splicing arbitrary choice, the screen combination of stitching (M * N) also has a variety of options to meet the needs of different places of use. IPhone 5 LCD digital instrument is different from DLP, projection, LED, CRT and other large-screen installation, do not take up a lot of space, no need to reserve maintenance channel, optional wall and panel suite, simplify installation, improve the beauty of the TV wall.

iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer can be based on different environments and places to place the choice of methods, according to the space and the contents of the requirements, you can freely set the installation of equipment. Not only can be placed horizontally or vertically, but also can be hanging and wall, so the installation more flexible, more convenient to use, which is why the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer in the conference room which is so popular.