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What Are The Commonly Used Protective Films For The IPhone 6S Plus?

What are the commonly used protective films for the iPhone 6S Plus?
Now we use the industrial flat, three anti-mobile phone are used in industrial touch screen, but in daily life, the most often contact with the iPhone 6S Plus fingers, the nail hardness even 3 are not, will not cause the iPhone 6S Plus Any influence. And a lot of metal hardness of 5.5, so in the friction with the iPhone 6S Plus glass, but the impact on the iPhone 6S Plus is not large. But for safety reasons, we will also use the iPhone 6S Plus protective film. General iPhone 6S Plus we are using the following several types of protective film.
1.PET material protection film
This is the most common kind of protective film on the market. PET material protective film of high hardness, with a high scratch resistance. PET protective film to rely on electrostatic adsorption, easier to blister and fall off, but even off the wash in the water can be reused. Many well-known brands of foreign mobile phone factory, the random configuration is the PET material protection paste, the use of PET material protection paste workmanship and packaging more beautiful, specifically for the hot to buy mobile phone models to build the protective film, do not need to cut Use directly
Two .AR material
AR material protection is the best on the market today, an iPhone 6S Plus protective film. AR is a synthetic material, generally divided into three layers, silica gel for the adsorption layer, PET for the middle layer, the outer layer for the special treatment layer. Special treatment layer is generally divided into two, AG processing layer and HC treatment layer, AG is anti-glare Treatment, frosted protective film is used in this treatment.HC is the hardness of the treatment, is a high light transmission film used in the treatment. This iPhone 6S Plus protective film is characterized by iPhone 6S Plus is not reflective, high transmittance (95%), will not affect the iPhone 6S Plus display. And the material surface through a special process, the texture itself is relatively soft, with anti-friction and anti-scratch ability. Long time will not appear scratches. Adhesive on the use of chemical materials Silicone adsorption on the iPhone 6S Plus, it will not cause damage to the iPhone 6S Plus itself, after tearing will not leave marks, but also can be cleaned after repeated use. The market can also be easy to buy, the price is more expensive than PET material.
Three. Tempered glass protective film
Tempered glass film is a new type of iPhone 6S Plus protective material, according to reports, this protective film with high strength protection, and the thickness of only 0.4 mm. Light transmission rate of up to 98% or more, its main function is explosion-proof, anti-blue, anti-myopia and so on. To prevent the iPhone 6S Plus by external damage, but also increased the impact of absorption, higher than the standard PET film 5 times.
 Above is several iPhone 6S Plus commonly used protective film, I believe we have a certain understanding of it. iPhone 6S Plus protective film is a transparent medium, ordinary iPhone 6S Plus protective film only play the role of anti-dust, slightly better there is a crystal scratch coating, can play the role of scratch, the best IPhone 6S Plus protective film is involved in metal elements, play an isolated electromagnetic waves, reduce the role of electromagnetic radiation, but also can reduce the long time to watch the iPhone 6S Plus produced dazzling sense, can also be used to effectively protect the computer iPhone 6S Plus, , Cut.
 Although most people know that the iPhone 6S Plus in the transport and storage process should be gently, to avoid falling in the transport, beating and impact, but from the time of shipment to the receipt will still have a lot of iPhone 6S Plus appears to be scratched, broken or otherwise damaged. So, in the transport process, how to keep the iPhone 6S Plus?
First, iPhone 6S Plus manufacturers in the packaging iPhone 6S Plus, be sure to use one by one using a soft box or polyethylene composite bubble pad will be wrapped in iPhone 6S Plus Yan after the large box into the box, and large boxes Full of the number of iPhone 6S Plus not too much, so as to avoid the friction of the display, the collision caused by the iPhone 6S Plus scratches, fragmentation.
Second, in the delivery process, to the appearance of each piece of iPhone 6S Plus inspection, inspection, when found to damage the iPhone 6S Plus to the logistics company iPhone 6S Plus suppliers to communicate to determine the responsibility of third parties, To avoid other damage caused by damage to the display screen.